13 June 2014

may/june image dump

I'm just going to share the link below for now until I figure out another option. Whenever that may be. I completed my first summer class on Thursday with only a long weekend for a break, before starting another this Monday. My iphone's been my main source of camera as I've been loaded down with art supplies most days. Dragging my Canon around hasn't been convenient really. Then, I wouldn't have time to process images anyway. I've got a full hard drive to attest to that.

Hope everyone's enjoying what mother nature's been throwing their way.

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this blog is my "live" photo album of sorts. occasionally, i'll throw in some art i've done or some work of my husband's as he's an artist as well. we have a nice yard in a quiet neighborhood with two pugs and a cat, all black. which most of my photos will attest too. ;) i'd love to hear from you, but happy for you to just browse. hope you find something to make you smile. b.