30 December 2013

max, in memory

Joined our family April 23th, 2011.
Passed away December 26th, 2013.

We will miss:
• the weight of your droopy head on our arm or leg
• the gray hairs you always left behind
• how you would look us straight in the eyes, to make up for your inability to hear us
• the way your bark lifted your whole front half off the ground
• how you kept your sister's ears cleaned (although she may not)
• your snore
• how food could motivate you to act like you were five!
• your gentle approach to everyone and everything
• those wet, sloppy kisses that went on and on and on
• your constant ability to make us laugh and smile

Rest in peace, Mr. Man.

Love always, Mom

22 December 2013

or if you prefer, seating's greetings

Our Christmas card this year. I only sent out two, because no one else would appreciate the joke sentiment. But, just to clue you in, this couch resides at our friend's grandparents' house, and the story is that his grandmother, who was rather reserved, went all out and had this pretty pricey, custom sofa made for reasons no one is clear about. I'd like to think Grandma had hopes that the Rat Pack might drop in for high balls some day and she wanted to be prepared to offer them a place to sit. I adore it! And the light is the perfect compliment! The whole house is a wonderful little time capsule to their life, which the family now uses as a vacation home. The art work hanging on the left, is that of his mom's. A view of beautiful Lake Michigan, where this property sits.

So, classes finally ended this week, and I cleaned up the piles of project remnants that having four art pieces due at once, managed to create. We can eat at the dining room table again without shuffling my art supplies around. I'm in need of a studio space.

Today, we are in the middle of a good, old-fashioned snow storm! 8-10" by the time all is said and done! I'd be out taking photos but it seems that my good lens is busted. Hubster dropped the camera which I wasn't too happy about, but what he neglected to tell me was that it no longer focuses! He said he tried it and it worked, but of course, I never had time to pick it up myself until now. So, it could've been in for repairs for two weeks, but instead I'm without a camera during a beautiful snowstorm and the week of Christmas. He's getting coal this year.

Oh well, it's been a month since I last posted anything, so another week or so won't matter. I may have to rely on the iphone for a while. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a warm and wonderful Christmas!!

Season's Seatings! xo!

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