01 November 2013


drying in local barns

all the bathrooms in the kohler art museum are worth a look

antique shop
or winery
after finishing off keg
mustard growing in the ditches
sleepy pug catching some rays

I'm loading the remainder of my (hodgepodge) alphabet series, seeing I'm so far behind in updating. Sorry for the wonky sizes. I have to present these to class in powerpoint, then the underwear file went bad, so I went back for the original. Ok, so you don't care, but if I had time, I'd just resize them all to fit better here. Alas, no breaks until Thanksgiving. To those of you who've stuck it out with me this long (I know you're a small group), you have my love and adoration!

Meanwhile, here's a handy, edutaining(?), hands-on site from Canon for any of you who'd like to learn how to operate your cameras better in manual mode!

Happy día de los muertos, friends!


TexWisGirl said...

aww! love the pug. related to the wino. wished i looked like the vintage pin-up sans cigarette. :) just kidding!

hang in there for a few more weeks until your break! love you!

Our photos said...

Beautiful are your photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Buttons said...

Thanks for the Canon site I will be checking that out.. Your photos are amazing I want ones like that so need some help. Oh you can never make me stop coming here:) Hug B

Mandy Southgate said...

I've loved this series! Really gorgeous. I think I'm going to do one this month.

Koryn said...

Love, love the last photo! Actually, composition-wise, I like the one of the wine barrel. But photo of the pug (and caption) sleeping is just too cute and funny!

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