22 November 2013

location: night captures


madison public library

old warehouse at night

highway 90, steady

highway 90, unsteady

The Blatz sign, public library, and old warehouse were all taken in Madison. (The new central library is pretty awesome, by the way. Those lights change colors so I only took about forty pictures!)

The final two were taken over the interstate several miles from our house. The still one was hand-held using the bridge as a brace, and the second I purposely took the camera and gave it a 360ยบ spin during the thirty seconds the lens was open. Just for fun.


Buttons said...

Oh Great shots I love the experimental bottom one that worked well. You are doing so well and I can tell you are enjoying it. Hug B

TexWisGirl said...

blatz made me laugh! just not a beer you hear about down here. good wisconsin signage. :)

loved the old warehouse with the square windows! pretty clever on the spin cycle!

Our photos said...

Nice are your night photos.

Our photos said...

Nice are your night photos.

Koryn said...

What settings do you use for night photography? I prefer taking photos without flash but I can never get it right haha.

Mandy Southgate said...

Fantastic photos! I like the second one the most - that shade of blue is my favourite colour.

helen said...

Very dramatic.

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