15 November 2013

location, location, location

hyde's mill

sunset in the valley

Class project. To photograph location shots as if they were scenes for a movie. To think like a cinematographer.

Having worked as a designer, I know that location scouting can be far from exciting. I was the head artist of a janitorial catalog, so I'm no stranger to shooting someone using a floor buffer in an office hallway. (Oh boy, I'm getting all spine-tingly just thinking back!) Our professor provided equally (un)compelling examples to the class, to which I did go out and shoot. However, I also took this opportunity to head to the valleys surrounding Ridgeway and Barneveld (Wisconsin) to photograph an old mill that I had wanted to capture for several years now. I had seen many other photos of Hyde's Mill but didn't know what to expect as I wasn't sure which side of the creek it was on or how the sun would hit it. Turns out sunset was the perfect time of day! The creek sits low in the valley so the light disappears much earlier then anticipated. The tree tops were shot probably half an hour later. The town, on top of the hill, was still flooding in sunlight for another hour.

My advice, get there earlier than I did. Especially as the clouds aren't always cooperative.

If you're interested, the mill, old farmhouse, blacksmith shop, (etc) on 8 acres, are for sale! Man, what an artist's retreat! But you'll need to own something 4-wheel drive to get in and out of this valley come winter, and give up on internet access. I can't say it's not tempting.

Keeping in mind that I brought out the big guns first, there are more location photos to follow. ;)


Mandy Southgate said...

Wow, these photographs are just incredible. You have definitely captured atmospheric, cinematic scenes. I think I'll pass on buying the barn but would love to see more photos.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that first one is a classic picture puzzle scene!!! the second is definitely a movie titles photo. nice!!!

Koryn said...

The first photo can be a location for one of those cheesy romcom films... Or a horror movie haha. Can go either way :p

helen said...

Love these too.

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