23 August 2013

what? we have a plum tree?!




We've lived here over thirteen years and I had no idea we had a plum tree! It's beautiful in the spring with reddish leaves and white blossoms, but I guess the bees just lost track of it since 2000. The fruit is delicious too! Though, as you can see, they're just two bites in size.

The pears are going mad as well. No surprises there.

Enjoy your weekend!


TexWisGirl said...

so cute to get a surprise!

helen said...

Great looking fruit. You must have a huge place to overlook a plum tree for 13 years! Our Italian prune tree is dong well this summer but our early transparent apple had a bum crop - maybe next year!

Koryn said...

Don't worry. There are a lot of things in our backyard that I have no knowledge of too haha.

If I hadn't read that these were plum fruits, I would think that the first photo was a scene from Snow White. You know, that part where the wicked witch comes up with a poisonous apple ;p

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