02 August 2013

the best thing to hold onto in life is each other

tlc's wedding gown

tc & tlc

the lovely bride

Beautiful garden shed setting

the happy couple

the groom's been framed

cake topper

terri & todd
The reception was in a friend's greenhouse which didn't always offer the best backgrounds,
so I tried toning it down by adding a graphic

yup, he's mine

making memories


night sky

You may recall we went to Vegas in April for our friends' wedding...?

They knew they'd be waiting for me to get to their photos as I was pretty busy with school. I completed them just it time for them to show at the reception last month, and then proceeded to take a few hundred more photos they had to wait for.  ;)  I was a bit quicker this time though as they have had them a couple weeks. I'm just slow getting them to flickr.

Not all these are mine however as Hubster is behind the camera in the second and third shot. I was behind the film camera during the ceremony. The first three were taken in Vegas, and the rest during the reception back home here in southern Wisconsin. They set out old, empty frames for guests to have their pictures taken (notice the matching cake topper), and the groom decided he needed one of himself. I love how tickled he looks!

The sky appeared threatening most of the day and we did get a few sprinkles, but it made for a beautiful setting when the Chinese lanterns were released. It was the perfect finale...or beginning.

Much love T&T!

Complete wedding set.
Complete reception set.


TexWisGirl said...

how VERY cool! love the picture frame idea, as well as the photo of the groom with one. sweet shots! wish them a very happy life!

Buttons said...

Wow these are incredible what great shots and the frame is a great idea. Oh I would hire you to do my wedding anytime. You missed it 34 years ago:) I know you were a baby:) Great photos they were probably excited to see them. They look like a perfect couple. Hug B

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