13 August 2013

north wood county park

lovely spot for a picnic

someone rode their horse to the church service being held at the park


swimming area

changing structure

grandpa's handiwork

suspension bridge

Another stop during our trip "back home."

Our main reason for getting back was to see my Gramma R, who turned 91 last week! On Sunday, our church (listen to me, including myself among church-goers) happened to have its service at the North Wood County Park. A place I had been fishing with Gramma and Mom a hundred times in my childhood, but hadn't been back to in well over 30 years. I can't begin to tell you how many cheddar cheese and white bread sandwiches were consumed at this park. Seeing I was a kid, I didn't know the name of it or its location, only that it was maybe 15 minutes away, so I asked Dad if this was the park with the suspension bridge over the river?

"Yup." Came the answer.

Oh man, we would get that thing swinging and would have to hang on for dear life to keep from falling into the river below! I never could swim but that really didn't keep me from central Wisconsin's version of a Disneyland ride. My sister is so afraid of water, she won't even drive a car over a river! Naturally, I had to stop at her house on our way over to ask if she wanted to go along.

"Hell, no!"

When we arrived, church service had just ended and they were about to start their picnic. Sweet. We timed it perfectly. ha! We had already eaten so we weren't there for food, just to visit with Gramma and my uncle for a while before exploring.

Now, I need to back things up a little because my Dad had more than just "yup" to say about this little park. He began to tell me that when his Dad (Grampa U) was a young man, he landed a job working for the WPA. Grampa was one of those guys who could fix or build just about anything, and according to Dad, could master any trade with a day's practice. So it happens that he was one of the guys who went to work building this stone building, shown above, used as a bathroom and changing area for swimmers. According to a plaque, filled with names of the big shots on the committee, but none of the laborers, it was built in 1935. Another stone imbedded in the facadé states 1940. I can't imagine this taking five years to complete. Maybe the committee was a little too eager to get the plaque made.

Dad also said that Grampa inlaid a small, glass camel head somewhere in the stonework and he showed it to him as a child, but Dad had looked for it since and couldn't find it. Hubster and I attempted as well, with no luck. Some young boy could've chiseled it out with his pocket knife circa 1952 and it's now lying in the bottom of an old dresser somewhere. Which is alright. That little camel now has two stories to tell. Maybe even three.

The last image here shows the suspension bridge with the changing house at the far right. I'll share more images of the bridge and view from it in my next post. Seeing that this post is plenty wordy already...


TexWisGirl said...

i have no idea where this is and have never seen it before! so cool!!!

and happy birthday to your grandma! (love live the camel!)

Buttons said...

Oh you made me smile theses photos are magnificent but the memories of your Dad telling about your Grampa's hard labour as well as the other labourers which I must add are usually the important ones that have always been forgotten. I can really imagine that camel and I am sure it had a grand life somewhere:)
Happy Birthday to your Gramma 91 is a good thing. Thank you for the great post it made me happy:) Hug B

Koryn said...

No picture of you on the horse? ;)

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