10 August 2013

more views from up nort'

sweet as honey

i'm king of the world!
i'm king of the world!

the asparagus is taller than me

parents' garden
s.w. corner of the garden (with grandpa's silos)

parents' garden
s.e. corner of the garden (with pugs)


later that day

Additional shots from the old homestead.

The garden is actually verging on my grandparents' property. The asparagus is theirs and is probably a 50 year old plant. I'm not sure what that flowering plant is behind it, but it stands way over my head.

Since my Dad retired (about ten years ago), and Mom's hip replacement, the garden has been more his baby. If he isn't puttering in the woods, he's puttering in the garden. And look! He's even had time to put in a driving range! Here, my brother demonstrates his form. If you look closely to the far right between the two bluebird houses, you can see the small white flag where the hole is. The house across the field belongs to my cousin, and his Dad, my uncle, lives across the street; so when you see one guy out there hitting a ball, usually three more follow. Apparently, I missed the party and my brother was the last man standing. I should've taken a photo by the hole because the green is pretty impressive. Dad must've been a groundskeeper in a former life.

These last two images are iphone pics. I love that old, dead tree in grandpa's field. But, you probably figured that out from my last post. ;)


TexWisGirl said...

first, i was giggling when i read your title. SO perfect for wisconsin!

i laughed at your description of the 'one guy hitting balls, three more follow'. too cute!

loved the pugs enjoying time at the grandfolks' place!

and i LOVE that old tree scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, and meant to say, that is the coolest bokeh ever in the first shot! like snail shells!

Sivinden said...

Beautiful light in your pictures! That first shot is magical.

Koryn said...

I can't decide if my favorite is the second photo or the photo with you adorable pugs!

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