17 July 2013

straight trees are the first to be cut

straight trees are the first to be cut

I spent several hours yesterday helping some people look for their lost, blind dog, and am ecstatic to report someone found him and he's now back with his grateful owners! Having a blind dog myself once, and with temperatures in the 90ºs this week, I couldn't imagine the poor boy wandering the area's current maze of cornfields. Hubster even came home early last night (6pm is early for him) and the two of us made another go until dark. This morning on Facebook, they posted that someone had stopped busy traffic in both directions of Hwy 26, to catch Max. I'm very relieved he's back home. :)

This tree was captured with my iphone a month ago. I drove passed it four times yesterday during our scouting mission. I'd been meaning to get back to include some shots of the barn. There were some rather boring looking cars sitting in front of it this day.

But for now, it'll just have to stand alone. I don't think it needs much help, actually.


TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous, gorgeous twisty thing!

and so glad they got the poor pup back!! yay for good humans!

Buttons said...

Oh I LOVE it, it does indeed stand alone:) B

Koryn said...

If I step into the tree, will I be crossing over to the land of Narnia? Haha.

Seriously, it's nice how the tree is almost bare but made alive by the bursting of blue and green in the background. Makes you want to spread out your mat and have a picnic!

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