25 July 2013

monday night's storm

storm rolling through

storm rolling through

storm rolling through

My film camera has a wide angle lens but my dslr does not. The first would have made it easier to capture a larger slice of the sky instead of randomly pointing in a general direction hoping lightening would fill my frame. But I didn't think to drag it out at the time. And in that case, it would've been another month before I had the film developed. Pros vs cons. Either way, I do not condone standing outside during an electrical storm with a metal tripod.

The first image was left open the longest, probably 90 seconds. You can tell by the cloud movement. The second was more like 30 seconds since I felt I captured that bolt and that was all the light I needed. The third is probably somewhere in between. White balance was on auto so that's where the crazy purple hue comes from. I kind of liked it though and left it as is.

I follow a number of photography sites and thought this was an interesting video on night photography worth sharing. I've yet to shoot anything leaving my lens open for hours at a time, but I keep telling myself it'll happen one of these days nights.


TexWisGirl said...

the middle one shows the 'classic' lightning strike everyone goes for, but i like your other two better! very cool - almost like hairs caught on your eyeball that you can see are there, but can't clear. :)

Buttons said...

WOW I love these and I shiver thinking of you standing out in that storm but SOOOOO worth it. Glad you did not die:)
Thank you for the link. I am going to check it out. I do not have DSLR I did however pick up a new roll of 35 mm film never opened at a thrift store I may have to go play for awhile. Have a nice weekend. Hugs B

Buttons said...

Oh Thank you I enjoyed every minute of that link. It was so beautiful now I want to go out in the dark and play. Hug B

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