25 July 2013

monday night's storm

storm rolling through

storm rolling through

storm rolling through

My film camera has a wide angle lens but my dslr does not. The first would have made it easier to capture a larger slice of the sky instead of randomly pointing in a general direction hoping lightening would fill my frame. But I didn't think to drag it out at the time. And in that case, it would've been another month before I had the film developed. Pros vs cons. Either way, I do not condone standing outside during an electrical storm with a metal tripod.

The first image was left open the longest, probably 90 seconds. You can tell by the cloud movement. The second was more like 30 seconds since I felt I captured that bolt and that was all the light I needed. The third is probably somewhere in between. White balance was on auto so that's where the crazy purple hue comes from. I kind of liked it though and left it as is.

I follow a number of photography sites and thought this was an interesting video on night photography worth sharing. I've yet to shoot anything leaving my lens open for hours at a time, but I keep telling myself it'll happen one of these days nights.

17 July 2013

straight trees are the first to be cut

straight trees are the first to be cut

I spent several hours yesterday helping some people look for their lost, blind dog, and am ecstatic to report someone found him and he's now back with his grateful owners! Having a blind dog myself once, and with temperatures in the 90ºs this week, I couldn't imagine the poor boy wandering the area's current maze of cornfields. Hubster even came home early last night (6pm is early for him) and the two of us made another go until dark. This morning on Facebook, they posted that someone had stopped busy traffic in both directions of Hwy 26, to catch Max. I'm very relieved he's back home. :)

This tree was captured with my iphone a month ago. I drove passed it four times yesterday during our scouting mission. I'd been meaning to get back to include some shots of the barn. There were some rather boring looking cars sitting in front of it this day.

But for now, it'll just have to stand alone. I don't think it needs much help, actually.

12 July 2013

around campus

university club
East facing wall at the University Club.

still life in progress
First still life. Probably only around 25% complete here. The sled is just the ground color at this point.
I'm gonna miss the great light in this big, mess of a room.

quite third floor lunch spot
Quiet third floor lunch spot

uw terrace
Iconic chairs of the UW terrace. These seats will not be empty come fall.

These shots are several weeks old already, before the pace of this class picked up. It's now finals week. The nice thing about pursuing art is that finals is not about studying for exams. It's about working, and I've been working like mad. We have the weekend to complete our last project and make corrections on everything, then we leave our entire portfolio for the professor to grade on Monday morning. And then, believe it or not, I can relax until it all starts over again in the fall. I foresee lots of napping in my near future.

You also may have also noticed a better quality of photo here as I upgraded my iphone. My photo vs. phone use ratio is only bound to widen. ;)

In other news, my Mom was in the hospital last week getting an aneurism removed from her stomach. I thought they only occurred in your brain, but what do I know. She was hospitalized for eight days and said if she knew it was going to be that painful she wouldn't have gone through it. I said, but then you might have been walking along one day and just keeled over. To which she replied, "That's gonna happen anyway." It's hard to argue the wisdom of the elderly.

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