26 June 2013


I've had a few busy weeks doing some relief printing. I'll offer a little detail beneath each image...

bee and coy relief prints
First day, bee. Second day, coy. Each about 6".
Prints on the left were hand pressed, machine pressed on the right.

bee relief print
Bee closeup.

birds relief print
These guys were inspired by some graffiti I saw.

owl and pussy cat relief print
Our first color project. We had to take our idea from a poem or fortune cookie.

tomayo relief print

A Rufino Tamayo inspired piece. (See original here.)
Colored ink was "painted" down on plexiglass. Final black layer was cut linoleum.

relief print on scrap paper
Linoleum layer alone on a few pieces of scrap paper. I inked the whole piece to feature the cut marks.

I've since moved on to my painting class. Meanwhile, I'll probably continue to be somewhat of a stranger here on the blogosphere.

Hope all of you are enjoying a fantastic summer. :)


TexWisGirl said...

i don't understand the process, but the results are very cool! the last couple are really neat! t-shirt sales!! :)

i also really like the graffiti-inspired ducks. :)

Buttons said...

Oh Bonbon did I ever tell you my brother is a Master print maker and professor so I do know a fair amount about this kind of art and I have to say your are magnificent. I love the the colours the detail. You are indeed very talented. My brother just installed a old press in his garage turning it into a another print studio so I am going to love watching the artists create their stuff.
Oh I know the long process involved and you have done a great job. Someday I will be buying your art well if I can afford it:) HUGS B

Koryn said...

Wow, you drew/painted these yourself? I'm impressed! I could barely draw stick figures haha.

I like how, from afar, the black and white pieces look like abstract but when you look closer, you can clearly see the images of the subjects.

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