22 May 2013

vegas, baby


silver slipper

vegas martini


hotel in lights
Nighttime, film captures from our Vegas trip. I haven't viewed/downloaded the digital images yet. I did receive an A in film class so I'm pretty happy about that.

Classes start up again next Tuesday...

*laughs maniacally*
*passes out*


TexWisGirl said...

oh, lordy! you didn't get much of a break! but congrats on the A!

love these in b&w. definitely more sammy and dean feel to them that way. :)

Buttons said...

An A I am s excited but I can surely see it was well deserved these are fantastic. I have never been to Vegas but I would love to go and take my camera. I like the "Sammy and Dean feel " Tex is talking about she is right and I LOVE it.
Wow back to class all ready yikes. See you again soon I hope. Hug B

Angela Acosta said...

A well deserved A. Congrats. These are fab.

Mandy Southgate said...

Of course you got an A. Your photography is amazing. I like these images - they have an absolutely timeless feel that is often absent in digital B&W photos.

Reena Walkling said...

Congrats on the A ... great B&W's!

Koryn said...

I'm not surprised you got an A ;) I think I already said this in your previous post but looking at your Vegas photos makes me feel like I stepped back in time!

Loving the texture of the B&W's here :)

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