12 May 2013

finally, spring

welcoming committee

of course, i've already forgotten what this is


glorious day

flowering almond

we've had several windy days and the blossoms are already coming down

a team of prom goers arrived

earlier rains made for beautiful skies

three magnolias

twirling pink

random color





one look back

Finals were this week. I just have to go back Tuesday for one portfolio review and then I can take a breathe before checking the calendar to see when summer classes start. Yesterday, I went into the sculpture studio to do my share of the cleaning and to bring home a few projects that required a husband and a truck.

Before returning home (and with the back of the truck full of bamboo), we made a not-so-quick stop at the UW Arboretum. And although, I'm many months behind in sharing photos, I felt some peer pressured into posting these right away because we ran into a friend there who already has hers posted on facebook. I'm weak like that.

And a sucker for magnolias in bloom.

It had been sprinkling on and off that morning so the skies were just about perfect. The prom goers were a nice, added surprise to our walk.

Now back to finishing one final painting before Tuesday...

I hope everyone has an absolutely beautiful Mother's Day and is finally seeing some signs of spring!


TexWisGirl said...

wow! those prom dresses are gorgeous! so are your photos of them! love all the blooms, too.

glad you'll get a tiny break, at least!

Buttons said...

Oh my goodeness these are awesome I love your angles awesome. The Prom dresses are magnificent colours and amazing. Thanks for breaking down and sharing:) Hug B

Angela Acosta said...

those are some prom dresses. the photos capture the magic and whimsy that is prom--it was for me a very very long time ago. this post brings back that wonderful memory.

Helene Titsch said...

Catching up here and loving every photo! Especially glad to see those 'real' prom dresses...not the hoochie (sp?) stuff from a few years back...LOL And I so wish my azaleas looked as good as the ones in your photo!

Reena Walkling said...

Stunning ... and love those prom dresses and their colors. Made for great photos!

Mandy Southgate said...

Wow, what a fabulous set of pictures! Spring never did come to London. It makes me sad but your photos cheered me up no end.

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