23 February 2013

a two parter


A print developed from my first roll of b/w film for photography class. Not perfect, but I'm still learning the process. The contact sheet turned out pretty good and I look forward to making more prints off the roll, only we're already moving on to our next project. I always meant for this blog to be my current photo album so I could keep track of when I did what, but that's all out of whack now given the randomness of my posts. At least I'm getting a snow shot posted during winter.

creme brulée

This shot was taken by Hubster as I'm working the blowtorch. We had friends over for Valentine's so I attempted creme brulée. Success! It was so good that I was jonesing for more the next day. Hubster and "buddeeeeee," Steve, made the main course of linguini with shrimp while Sally and I caught up over alcohol.

Yup. A pretty awesome evening all around...


TexWisGirl said...

i like the snow steps in b&w! (brrr...)

but i'm liking the menu for valentine's day a whole lot better! including alcohol. :)

Koryn said...

Nice illusions on the first photo--the lines and everything! It took me a while before figure out what it was.

missing moments said...

Like that b&w first shot! And that creme brulee ... yum!

Helene Titsch said...

Creme brulee, linguini with shrimp...hook me up! Good for you with the snow shot...I got absolutely zero this winter season. Ugh!

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