23 January 2013

the view from up here

the view from up here

This is the view outside the Chazen Museum of Art, taken from the third floor of the UW Humanities building. Where I'll be spending about 25 hours a week for the next fifteen weeks. Three of my four classes will be in here. Sculpture, Color Theory and Photography. The photo class will be a throw back for me because it will be b/w film only. That's about all Hubster and I shot before we went digital. He used to have a darkroom and develop his own negatives, but all I learned in h.s. was how to develop prints and plates that went to press. Once upon a time I could tell on my wrist when water or fixer was 68º. Wonder if I'll get to that point again. It may be tricky since my old skin is a bit thinner these days.

This image makes the campus feel small and intimate, but it is anything but. Just to the left of this image are more racks with another 1,000 bikes. And the high today was only 12º. Nothing really slows down a Madisonian with a bike. I biked in last fall until the temps began to dip below 50º.

Thin skin.


TexWisGirl said...

laughing at your thin skin. mine's definitely gotten wimpy, but i don't live in it anymore.

good for you with the next semester of classes! sounds right up your alley!

Awena Robert said...

Photography class sounds like heaven even if it's just B&W.

Wow cycling in the snow/ice sounds like a risky business, though. Good luck with it all.

Take care.

Melissa Bliss Rich said...

Wonderful image. I love the leading lines.

Your classes sound fascinating. Enjoy!

Angela Acosta said...

Love the image. I was in Madison a few years ago and got to see the small city within the city called the university. I was impressed by both their vipes. Good luck with this semester. Enjoy.

Koryn said...

The bush in the photo reminds of the all the "bush sculptures" in the Edward Scissorhands film :)

missing moments said...

Hope your semester gets off to a great start! Sounds like some fun classes. Speaking of 68 degrees ... that was our temp today...but not for long! Stay warm.

Buttons said...

Oh I remember fixer:)
I love this shot but would have loved to see the thousand bikes pic.
You are going to do great even with that thin skin:) Hugs B

Helene Titsch said...

To be in school...in a photography class...I would love that! BUT not so sure about the film thing. I haven't shot film is forever and never developed so it would be a real challenge. I can't wait to hear/see how things progress. Judging from the photos of late, there should be no problem!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Kudos on the classes- wish I were brave enough to do it! Riding a bike in 12 degree weather...no way, nada, nope...brrrr!

Koryn said...

I miss developing photos in the dark room too! There's something magical about seeing the image slowly materialize on your photo paper. You could do more with digital photography, of course, but I feel lucky we got to experience old school photography :)

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