02 January 2013

puppy week!

april lounging

april the flake

While our son and daughter-in-law were out east last week, we watched their eighteen month old puppy, April. Nothing reminds you of how old you are as trying to to keep up with a lab/border collie on a leash in a foot of fresh snow! It was fun having such a goofball in the house though. She encouraged Kensi to play with her a few times, and her bark was so loud even Max could hear it! Which lead to a few shouting matches. "Why are we barking?!" ha! On the down side, I now have approximately ten stuffed toys to restuff and sew.

As crazy as the week was, I think we'll stick with short-legged, slow-moving pugs where naps are the top priority. That's more our speed.

Hope you all encounter a wonderful New Year ahead!


TexWisGirl said...

i fell in love as soon as the first pic opened. :)

Buttons said...

Happy New Year i hear you they sure do run. I like the old slow ones:, just like me:)
Love your photos. B

Helene Titsch said...

A gorgeous animal...and wonderful photos!!! Re. active dogs...I lost 7 lbs. when I had my sons 2 beagles to watch!

Koryn said...

I could actually see the details of the snow particles on April's face! Awesome capture!

Lol on the "slow-moving pugs where naps are the top priority". I know what you mean haha!

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