23 January 2013

the view from up here

the view from up here

This is the view outside the Chazen Museum of Art, taken from the third floor of the UW Humanities building. Where I'll be spending about 25 hours a week for the next fifteen weeks. Three of my four classes will be in here. Sculpture, Color Theory and Photography. The photo class will be a throw back for me because it will be b/w film only. That's about all Hubster and I shot before we went digital. He used to have a darkroom and develop his own negatives, but all I learned in h.s. was how to develop prints and plates that went to press. Once upon a time I could tell on my wrist when water or fixer was 68º. Wonder if I'll get to that point again. It may be tricky since my old skin is a bit thinner these days.

This image makes the campus feel small and intimate, but it is anything but. Just to the left of this image are more racks with another 1,000 bikes. And the high today was only 12º. Nothing really slows down a Madisonian with a bike. I biked in last fall until the temps began to dip below 50º.

Thin skin.

18 January 2013






Some photos from last October at Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. I was reminded of these when I took the final, more recent shot of Isaac, looking quite panther like.

I've had the flu this past week. Or just a bad cold with a two-day vomiting streak. I did get a flu shot last fall. I can look at it as being unsuccessful, OR say, it may have been worse and held on longer if I hadn't have gotten one. In any case, it kept me from getting our spare bedroom and closets cleaned out. That will have to wait until spring now because I've got fourth quarter taxes to finish before classes starts.

The fun never ends, folks!

16 January 2013

clown car patina

clown car patina

A close up taken of the blue car's hood...or was it the yellow's? I forget now...
clown cars

14 January 2013

little known features in most wisconsin barns

a little known feature in most wisconsin barns

pup & pumpkin
one blue eye, one brown

These were taken last October while on the annual Fall Art Tour. For three days, artists open their studio spaces (often in repurposed barns) for visitors to see their work and their efforts behind it. I've shared images of this tour before, so it's gotten to the point where I take more shots of the surroundings then I do the art.

Then no trip to the Baraboo area is complete without stopping to see Dr. Evermor's Forevertron! Hubster and I have been waiting forevertron for American Pickers to feature his amazing work, and it looks like it's finally happening tonight! We've been burned before however, so all I can say is, tune in and cross your fingers.

forevertron, powering up
Lit from behind by the sun
My flickr set from Dr. Evermor's sculpture garden here, with a few more yet to come...someday. ;)

11 January 2013


Imagine growing up in The Netherlands and dreaming of living in the United States, starting a dairy farm, having a beautiful black Stallion, the car of your dreams, plus finding a wonderful man willing to join you in your quest. Of course, not before seeing the world and getting a degree.

Imagine these dreams coming true only to be diagnosed with cancer, marrying this wonderful man not once, but three times because of the circumstances of your illness, and your entire family following you in your dream, tending a huge farm in Indiana with over 2000 cows!

And completing all this in your early 30's.

That was Leontien.

She was sweet, funny, inspirational and accomplished more in her short life then most people could in three lifetimes.

And many of us will miss her...

10 January 2013

dear, sweet, funny, determined leontien...

random tree shots

tree and microphone a.m.

tree and mantel

star bokeh

star bokeh b/w

i do not like them, sam i am...
these shots taken with a lensbaby lens and a homemade star filter

hipstamatic shot of the boys ornaments circa 1990

Christmas 2012 has officially been boxed up and put away for another year. I'm probably not the only one who thinks of the movie Toy Story, and imagining the character ornaments from our tree having the run of the attic for eleven months.

06 January 2013

when the north winds blow

when the north winds blow

I also want to share this fun gadget to all you birders out there! Doesn't ship until March. Just in time for spring! :)

04 January 2013

in the backyard at grandma & papa's

post migration
spring rentals. inquire within.

potty path to the field
papa plows a path to the field for potty purposes

kensi, max and cocoa
the pugs with "aunt" cocoa


02 January 2013

puppy week!

april lounging

april the flake

While our son and daughter-in-law were out east last week, we watched their eighteen month old puppy, April. Nothing reminds you of how old you are as trying to to keep up with a lab/border collie on a leash in a foot of fresh snow! It was fun having such a goofball in the house though. She encouraged Kensi to play with her a few times, and her bark was so loud even Max could hear it! Which lead to a few shouting matches. "Why are we barking?!" ha! On the down side, I now have approximately ten stuffed toys to restuff and sew.

As crazy as the week was, I think we'll stick with short-legged, slow-moving pugs where naps are the top priority. That's more our speed.

Hope you all encounter a wonderful New Year ahead!

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