30 December 2013

max, in memory

Joined our family April 23th, 2011.
Passed away December 26th, 2013.

We will miss:
• the weight of your droopy head on our arm or leg
• the gray hairs you always left behind
• how you would look us straight in the eyes, to make up for your inability to hear us
• the way your bark lifted your whole front half off the ground
• how you kept your sister's ears cleaned (although she may not)
• your snore
• how food could motivate you to act like you were five!
• your gentle approach to everyone and everything
• those wet, sloppy kisses that went on and on and on
• your constant ability to make us laugh and smile

Rest in peace, Mr. Man.

Love always, Mom

22 December 2013

or if you prefer, seating's greetings

Our Christmas card this year. I only sent out two, because no one else would appreciate the joke sentiment. But, just to clue you in, this couch resides at our friend's grandparents' house, and the story is that his grandmother, who was rather reserved, went all out and had this pretty pricey, custom sofa made for reasons no one is clear about. I'd like to think Grandma had hopes that the Rat Pack might drop in for high balls some day and she wanted to be prepared to offer them a place to sit. I adore it! And the light is the perfect compliment! The whole house is a wonderful little time capsule to their life, which the family now uses as a vacation home. The art work hanging on the left, is that of his mom's. A view of beautiful Lake Michigan, where this property sits.

So, classes finally ended this week, and I cleaned up the piles of project remnants that having four art pieces due at once, managed to create. We can eat at the dining room table again without shuffling my art supplies around. I'm in need of a studio space.

Today, we are in the middle of a good, old-fashioned snow storm! 8-10" by the time all is said and done! I'd be out taking photos but it seems that my good lens is busted. Hubster dropped the camera which I wasn't too happy about, but what he neglected to tell me was that it no longer focuses! He said he tried it and it worked, but of course, I never had time to pick it up myself until now. So, it could've been in for repairs for two weeks, but instead I'm without a camera during a beautiful snowstorm and the week of Christmas. He's getting coal this year.

Oh well, it's been a month since I last posted anything, so another week or so won't matter. I may have to rely on the iphone for a while. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a warm and wonderful Christmas!!

Season's Seatings! xo!

22 November 2013

location: night captures


madison public library

old warehouse at night

highway 90, steady

highway 90, unsteady

The Blatz sign, public library, and old warehouse were all taken in Madison. (The new central library is pretty awesome, by the way. Those lights change colors so I only took about forty pictures!)

The final two were taken over the interstate several miles from our house. The still one was hand-held using the bridge as a brace, and the second I purposely took the camera and gave it a 360º spin during the thirty seconds the lens was open. Just for fun.

15 November 2013

location, location, location

hyde's mill

sunset in the valley

Class project. To photograph location shots as if they were scenes for a movie. To think like a cinematographer.

Having worked as a designer, I know that location scouting can be far from exciting. I was the head artist of a janitorial catalog, so I'm no stranger to shooting someone using a floor buffer in an office hallway. (Oh boy, I'm getting all spine-tingly just thinking back!) Our professor provided equally (un)compelling examples to the class, to which I did go out and shoot. However, I also took this opportunity to head to the valleys surrounding Ridgeway and Barneveld (Wisconsin) to photograph an old mill that I had wanted to capture for several years now. I had seen many other photos of Hyde's Mill but didn't know what to expect as I wasn't sure which side of the creek it was on or how the sun would hit it. Turns out sunset was the perfect time of day! The creek sits low in the valley so the light disappears much earlier then anticipated. The tree tops were shot probably half an hour later. The town, on top of the hill, was still flooding in sunlight for another hour.

My advice, get there earlier than I did. Especially as the clouds aren't always cooperative.

If you're interested, the mill, old farmhouse, blacksmith shop, (etc) on 8 acres, are for sale! Man, what an artist's retreat! But you'll need to own something 4-wheel drive to get in and out of this valley come winter, and give up on internet access. I can't say it's not tempting.

Keeping in mind that I brought out the big guns first, there are more location photos to follow. ;)

01 November 2013


drying in local barns

all the bathrooms in the kohler art museum are worth a look

antique shop
or winery
after finishing off keg
mustard growing in the ditches
sleepy pug catching some rays

I'm loading the remainder of my (hodgepodge) alphabet series, seeing I'm so far behind in updating. Sorry for the wonky sizes. I have to present these to class in powerpoint, then the underwear file went bad, so I went back for the original. Ok, so you don't care, but if I had time, I'd just resize them all to fit better here. Alas, no breaks until Thanksgiving. To those of you who've stuck it out with me this long (I know you're a small group), you have my love and adoration!

Meanwhile, here's a handy, edutaining(?), hands-on site from Canon for any of you who'd like to learn how to operate your cameras better in manual mode!

Happy día de los muertos, friends!

18 October 2013






Sorry to be such a stranger to blogland. Midterm season. Lots of projects in the works. Would prefer to be shooting all this gorgeous fall color. Sadly, not to be.

Enjoy any and all leisure, friends, and I hope to visit with you sooner than later.  :)

07 October 2013

04 October 2013







Busy, busy, busy!

These are the first few images from our A-Z photo class assignment, so you'll see the remainder of the shots over the next several posts. Most of the 26 were taken during a road trip to Algoma with friends (who I neglected to point out in my last post in the museum bathroom). You've seen Rock Boy here before. Or probably not, as I'm really not that popular a blogger.

Algoma is just on the verge of Door County (Wisconsin's thumb), which is a major tourist destination, so these photos vary a bunch considering we were surrounded by nature on his huge family farm; but also made a tons of stops at wineries, orchards, antique/junk shops, diners...museums. ;)

Just to clarify the less than obvious connection here.

Sorry about the narrowness of the vertical shots. We had to present this in a slideshow and I'm just too lazy to go back and reformat. You can click each image to see it large in flickr, if you wish.


12 September 2013

coloring pages

coloring pages

I'm currently back in school full time and will make some efforts to show you what I'm up to. In the case of the class Making Comics, Professor Sluggo, (yup, you read that right) makes it quite easy to share as she regularly updates her tumblr page. There are already several posts up pertaining to our class. (Look for "making comics".) One of our first assignments was to take three coloring pages and go nuts, filling them solid with color. We were also required to color at least one page in a public space. I probably don't have to mention how much we laugh in this class!

All those cards lying on the tables were one of many of our two-minutes character drawing exercises. Yesterday, we were told to trade papers, redraw someone else's character, then draw three more panels of that character doing different things. Ridiculousness ensued.

Oh, also...we won't be using our real names during this course. Each of us had to pick an existing comic/cartoon character. How serious can a discussion get between Optimus Prime and Inspector Gadget? Time will tell.

07 September 2013

corpse flower

corpse flower prior to eating child

corpse flower, post belch 

Also from August.

My son asked if I wanted to check out the corpse flower at the UW greenhouse with him. Considering this puppy only blooms for a few days every half dozen years, you really can't say no to such a venture. You can however say no to your mother when she asks you to stand next to it so you can have a body/size reference. I don't know this kid, but he obliged his mother. *clears throat*

Just two days later, Hubster and I were in town so we went back to see if it had bloomed yet. And it had! Except the greenhouse isn't open on Saturdays. Hmmm. So, let me get this straight. You have this huge, freak of nature plant, that smells of rotting flesh when it opens, and blooms for approximately 36 hours every, oh...four years or more; and you couldn't hire a few horticulture students to hang around for the weekend?

What. The. What.

I had to take this second shot with my camera pressed against the glass to remove the glare, so that's the best I can offer. A dozen other folks walked up in the ten minutes we were there with the same "aren't they open?" thoughts. I guess we can all thank them for sparing us it's awful smell.

But, for all I know, someone could be playing an elaborate hoax on us, the unsuspecting public, and it actually smells like fresh bread or bed linens on a clothesline in a warm, summer breeze.

I mean, consider Iceland.

03 September 2013

august blooms





missing birdbath



Our day-glow day lilies, and resurrection lilies shot after a rain, using a lensbaby macro. The missing birdbath was taken at my gramma's house, and the wildflowers were along some ditches where someone had added a little color enhancement. ;)

30 August 2013

random driveby

random driveby

I would've liked to have shot some of that lovely barn detail but I only had my 50mm with me this day. 


The clouds deserved a little love as well.

27 August 2013

a(nother) stroll through my parents' woods

I've taken you on this journey before, but there's always more lovely views to be found here...

the clearing by the camper
after a winding trail through the wooded driveway, we reach the clearing. hubster here, is noticing how low the creek gets in early august. the camper stands just to the right of this picture

stump love
dad must've been feeling a little too romantic to burn this heart-shaped stump
and gave it a fire-poker arrow instead  ;)

took a wrong turn in albuquerque
taking the trail deeper in the woods, the trees get so dense it feels like evening.
i kind of like this guy who tried heading east about twenty years ago

central wisconsin's beauty
my favorite path takes us past big beds of ferns

up ahead. see it?
...and provides a slight glimpse of our destination

past some wilflowers
a clearing offers some wildflowers

milkweed in bloom
...and milkweeds blooming

sky box
beyond, sits dad's sky box

Dad wasn't in the woods with us this day, and he keeps the ladder folded up on itself and locked, so we just walked around a bit more before heading back.

It was a peaceful and gorgeous, summer day. Hope you're enjoying the same!

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