21 December 2012

winter arrives in a timely manner

snow day

sunshine on magnolia

patio shark flash shot, taken about 10pm last night

patio shark

max does not approve of patio sharkthis morning, max states his disapproval of patio shark

new window
installation day

I've been a rather busy girl this past month and my blog reflects that. Finals came to an end this week with my immediately going into Christmas mode. Recipients of the very few cards I did send, probably won't see them until New Years. Yesterday was spent digging (and redigging) out from a foot of snow. With temps hovering at freezing, it was rather wet and very heavy so I struggled to throw if off the patio. Which is why it ended up just being piled in the middle. Solution? Patio shark.

A week prior and ten degrees warmer, we installed a new window in our dining room. (The order was placed one month and thirty degrees ago, but we'll let that slide.) Our home, built in 1950, still has the original windows and the behemoth we replaced was a bit on the drafty side. Hubster's "Paw" has professional window installation experience under his belt, so in addition to his help, and his getting us a great deal, he and Mom returned our voided check in our Christmas card! So, we received a very generous gift from them this year! :)

Today, the sun is shining on the fresh, white snow and the pugs sit in a new bay window observing the kids heading to the sledding hill a few blocks away.

To quote Johnny Mathis, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

It beats Armageddon.


TexWisGirl said...

the window looks great! SO JEALOUS you have talented, handy AND generous in-laws!!!

love patio shark! toothy grin!

my sis in wis and her husband and their 2 grown kids are driving back to wis yest and today after spending 3 days w/ me here. hoping the roads will be cleared for smooth sailing on winter roads up there...

Awena Robert said...

Hi, The first photo is very impressive (so is the shark, but in a different manner).

Have a good Christmas !

Buttons said...

Oh I love the snow. We are starting to get some now finally.
Love your photos and a new window incredible. Nice gift. :) Christmas yes it is coming fast. Enjoy the holidays with family and friends but rest up for a busy 2013, you know you will be busy. Hugs B

Koryn said...

I know what you mean about your blog reflecting how busy you've been! I can totally relate :p

Anyway, that is one cool, um, snow-shark! Haha.

Hope you're having a grand time! It'll be Christmas here in about 28 hours. Wishing you and your family happy holidays! :)

Koryn said...

Awesome first photo, by the way :)

Angela Acosta said...

I can relate with the going into Christmas mode. After ten years of attending college part time, I can't seem to get Christmas started before mid-December. Love the photos, the shark, and definitely the new window. Worth every penny, I'm sure. Stay warm. I hope you had a happy Christmas!

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