26 December 2012

happy christmas!!

blue christmas


Santa Lost a Ho —Waylan St. Palan and the Magic Elves
This Christmas lounge act has become an annual event for us. Waylan is offered so many drinks
during the course of the night, I'm always surprised he manages to stay upright.

Was having some uploading difficulty on Monday so I missed wishing you all a wonderful Christmas! Hope you're still celebrating and your homes are filled with love and laughter! We're heading north to my folks this weekend, so I still have shopping to do. ;)


TexWisGirl said...

the first photo looks like a magic christmas blender? :)

the second would make a GREAT picture puzzle - for which you'd need whatever was mixed in that blender. :)

happy auburndaling it!!!

Madge Bloom said...

Did you apply a texture or shoot through a screen door... regardless I like your second image!

bon bon said...

thank you, madge. it it the iphone hipstamatic app, so you pick the lens and film prior to shooting. this is the Melodie lens and DreamCanvas film. :)

missing moments said...

Lovely shots. Have a wonderful New Year.

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