05 November 2012

obama in madison



waiting for the president



and the other boss

stink eye




I cut class today.



TexWisGirl said...

you got some fabulous shots!

speaking of, the gent in the last looks so familiar to me. should i know him? or is it just because he looks like a wisconsinite?

bon bon said...

thanks, dearie! i don't know the man myself so i can't say. don't any texans look like him?

Awena Robert said...


Really amazing pics you got there. So clear !
I particularly like the 8th and the last photos.

Have a good week.

Buttons said...

WOW I love the way you see the world.
Fantastic shots and bonus "The Boss" I love his music.
This must have been an exciting day.
Your shots are truly amazing why are they not on the front of People magazine you should be paid for these. HUGS B

Mark said...

Wow, great shots. It looks like you were on the stage...and Bruce...very nice.

Emm in London said...

Wowsers!!! What incredible photos!!! I love how you've focused in on your subjects with the background all blurry. I've practised doing that with close ups but not with distance shots like these. I can't decide if I like the ones of the little girl or of Obama the best.

Angela Acosta said...

I would think you were the official photographer for the President. These are Time magazine worthy, IMHO. I love the way the 8th photo is composed.

Koryn said...

Wow, awesome profile shots of Obama! I agree with Angela, Time SHOULD use these photos! My fave is the 8th photo :-)

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