16 November 2012

fall skies

skyfall 1

skyfall 2

skyfall 3

skyfall 4

skyfall 5

It is our intention to see the new James Bond movie this weekend, but it was also my intention to be more productive this morning, so this could be as close as I get to the drama of "Skyfall." We'll just see how that goes.

FUN GAME! Find the two shots above taken from the same location in our backyard. Look for the telltale tree!

Alright, that's about all the "fun" I can provide you. Make it a great weekend!


TexWisGirl said...

holy schmitt! that 2nd shot is gorgeous!!!

as for a 'twin' photo? my brain couldn't find the match. i did like the solo tree, though.

nice job, ms. student.

TexWisGirl said...

okay - i'm guessing first and last.

Buttons said...

OK I am guessing one and three but I am so wrapped in the photos I cannot really begin to think I am just being one with the sky. Oh these are so incredible I forgot where I was.
AWESOME Have a nice weekend. B

Awena Robert said...


I would say the first and last photos are taken from your back garden.

And I love the 3rd and 4th sky...The colours are splendid.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy the movie.

Helene Titsch said...

My guess...the first and the last shots are from the same location. Love fall/autumn skys. They are always so dramatic. Hope you enjoy James Bond. I went to see Lincoln yesterday...loved it. Tommy Lee Jones was fabulous!

Emm in London said...

Oh no! I tried but I can't find the tell tale tree. These photos are gorgeous!! Enjoy the film!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Not playing any games this morning but wishing you and yours a peaceful Thanksgiving.

PS -- we may not always agree, but respecting each other's opinions is what it is all about. xo

Koryn said...

You took the last picture right at the perfect moment! I assume it would've been darker if you took it a few minutes later :-)

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