16 November 2012

fall skies

skyfall 1

skyfall 2

skyfall 3

skyfall 4

skyfall 5

It is our intention to see the new James Bond movie this weekend, but it was also my intention to be more productive this morning, so this could be as close as I get to the drama of "Skyfall." We'll just see how that goes.

FUN GAME! Find the two shots above taken from the same location in our backyard. Look for the telltale tree!

Alright, that's about all the "fun" I can provide you. Make it a great weekend!

02 November 2012

a little night magic

leaves in the moonlight

night sky

autumn after dark

late night assistant

Isaac assisted me one night last month in taking some night shots of leaves. Like Buttons, I had looked up and saw these beautiful clouds covering the moon and had to go back in for my camera. Unlike her, I had just one cat and not two skunks to contend with. You can see that Isaac moved a little during the long exposure as part of his head is missing. Spooky!

Now that the leaves are gone, the sun actually hits our house. It's nice when the light reaches our dining room again. The cold temperatures have some perks anyway.

By the way, I'm not sure what I did to turn my comments came back on, but I'll leave them on. Ha! But please keep in mind I'm not the most active blogger these days, so no promises on "getting right back to you". School is going great and I'm enjoying all the projects, but this whole homework thing is kind of ruling my life. I can't even remember the last time we went to see a movie!

That said...back to studying the works of surrealism! :P

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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