26 October 2012

i probably should've thought this through...


Our neighbors showed up at the humane society gig so I asked if they wanted a portrait done since I had everything ready to go. I was shooting with my 50mm lens so all shots were taken from the top of a ladder. In order to get the attention of all the dogs, Hubster was giving them treats and leading their eyes up to me. In addition, I sat up there working a squeaky toy. Dogs usually go for one or the other...or both. In this case, when I got up the ladder, the toy was still lying there so I gave these guys the dog treatment. Squeaking, whistling, making kissy noises, everything except throwing them Charlee Bears. Mom and Dad starting laughing immediately, but the first couple shots of the girls was just confusion. Followed closely by them opening their mouths and panting! lol!

So, this is the transitional capture between stage 1 and 2.

I don't think they'll be using it for a Christmas card this year. Unless they want to crop the kids out. Dad had joked earlier about that anyway. He also mentioned something about photoshopping in a hotter wife.

Now you know why I love these people.

25 October 2012

humane society shoot






These adorable pups braved the cold temps to help us raise funds and awareness for the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Thanks to their moms and dads for bringing them! What a sweet bunch! Not to play favorites but look at the mug on Ben! His face was scarred up and mom said he was probably a bait dog. He was also going blind. He could not have been more gentle and obedient though. Gotta love his owner for giving him a new leash on life! ;)

Wish the shoot could have been yesterday instead. It was 75º here! About 30º warmer then when these were taken two weeks ago. We froze our little paws off that day!

19 October 2012

leaves for leontien

autumn 1

autumn 2

autumn 3

autumn 4

autumn 5

autumn 6

autumn 7

autumn 8

autumn 9

autumn 10

autumn 11

autumn 12

autumn 13

autumn 14

Here's a whole month's worth for you, dear girl! I hope your health returns to you as quickly as the leaves are falling...xo

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