14 September 2012

hope this trip gets them out of this rut they're in

hope this trip gets them out of this rut they're in

Sorry I've dropped off the face of the Earth. Tons of homework, which is basically art project related. So, things I actually like doing! Will include pix as I finish them. Continuing to take general photos but not much time to do anything about that, so you may see an influx of still green scenery at Christmas. ;o)

This image is still from our Chicago trip. I just heard this painting will be taking a mini vacation and traveling to the Grand Palais in Paris shortly. Wonder if it will send the Art Institute a postcard.

Meanwhile, we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary earlier this month! (Yay!) We helped our son and d.i.l. move into their newly purchased, 100-year old home! (Double yay!) I shot some senior photos that I need to get delivered, so I'll post them here if I can get the lovely young lady's approval; and I have a theme photo deadline tomorrow. All in all, I've been keeping on my toes lately.

Hopefully, I'll find a little time this weekend for a blog-go-round. Right now, it's off to lab to get some work done. Have a great weekend, all!!

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