30 September 2012





This guy was in charge of sweeping the patio.





We took the pugs to the Dane County Humane Society's annual fundraiser yesterday at Capital Brewery's biergarden. It ended up hitting 80º. A bit warm but they had put up a huge tent that covered most of the grounds. Unfortunately, the tent was blue so all my photos had a blue tint. It made processing these a bit of a pain, considering I should've spent the time today doing homework instead. ha!

There was one gentleman there (sans dog) who was most likely there just for the beer. He asked me, "If this is for the humane society, where are the cats?" I explained that this event was dogtoberfest, and added, "come back next month for catvember!" He got a kick out of that.

Check out the entire set on my facebook page.

21 September 2012

more goodies in pa's barn

mobile feeding troffs
mobile feeding troffs 

sharpening stone
sharpening stone

helps steady your lumber as it comes off the saw
helps steady your lumber as it comes off the saw

the ol' beater


15 September 2012


rung out

just don't

invisible obama


Monthly theme shots that a cross-country, photo friend and I have begun. Yup, I've got time! These were all taken inside my in-laws' barn. They're due today. He hasn't posted yet, so I'm curious how he interpreted "yesterday." I may start an facebook page before next month to see if others care to join in. If I get around to that, I'll share the link.

Have a great weekend!!

14 September 2012

hope this trip gets them out of this rut they're in

hope this trip gets them out of this rut they're in

Sorry I've dropped off the face of the Earth. Tons of homework, which is basically art project related. So, things I actually like doing! Will include pix as I finish them. Continuing to take general photos but not much time to do anything about that, so you may see an influx of still green scenery at Christmas. ;o)

This image is still from our Chicago trip. I just heard this painting will be taking a mini vacation and traveling to the Grand Palais in Paris shortly. Wonder if it will send the Art Institute a postcard.

Meanwhile, we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary earlier this month! (Yay!) We helped our son and d.i.l. move into their newly purchased, 100-year old home! (Double yay!) I shot some senior photos that I need to get delivered, so I'll post them here if I can get the lovely young lady's approval; and I have a theme photo deadline tomorrow. All in all, I've been keeping on my toes lately.

Hopefully, I'll find a little time this weekend for a blog-go-round. Right now, it's off to lab to get some work done. Have a great weekend, all!!

03 September 2012


lichtenstein girls

van gogh


shapes in the haze

bean intimidation

the wiggles



Last Sunday we hit the Lichtenstein exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute. Followed by a walk over to the Millennium Park in the drizzle. Debbie may have been a little intimidated by the "bean." It is pretty massive. And probably weights even more when wet.

Tomorrow's my first day of class. Been getting some preliminary stuff done all week. Today I did a bike/walk test run. Only it's still 90º out, so I'll just drive all the way in and pay for parking until I can enter a classroom relatively sweat-free.

Hope all of you are enjoying the final throes of summer.  :)

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