24 August 2012

one man's trash...

welcoming insect
about to get eaten
the overlord
gun turret
guarded by birds 

"Dr. Evermor" is a Wisconsin treasure.

The works shown here are just a few smaller pieces that greet you at the entrance of his scrap metal sculpture garden. I have a number of images yet to go through. Meanwhile, there is a really great write up on the artist over on PBS's website.

older stuff

little known facts

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this blog is my "live" photo album of sorts. occasionally, i'll throw in some art i've done or some work of my husband's as he's an artist as well. we have a nice yard in a quiet neighborhood with two pugs and a cat, all black. which most of my photos will attest too. ;) i'd love to hear from you, but happy for you to just browse. hope you find something to make you smile. b.