13 August 2012

macro monday, butterfly edition

orange x 2


orange and pink

brown and speckled

black, white and red

black white and finger

Every summer, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, has a blooming butterflies exhibit. We managed to get there on Sunday, its final day, this year. We like pushing our luck. Honestly, the weather has been so  hot all summer, who in their right mind would want to visit a tropical conservatory? But, we've been back down in the 70º's recently, so this was perfect.

The little guy on my finger was resting his little butt in the middle of the path and not everyone was looking down, so he kindly got on my finger and allowed me to move him.

black yellow and blue

I had no desire to let his gal ride on my finger. She was actually outside in the gardens between these two bright blue chairs, so I couldn't get a good angle on her. I'm not particularly fond of spiders though so this was plenty close for me.


TexWisGirl said...

i like the yellow argiopes (garden spiders). so cool!

and i like your butterfly buddies, but yeah, humid INSIDE? eek! :)

Koryn said...

I like the color of the second butterfly. Mysteriously beautiful.

Awena Robert said...

I think that butterflies are magical and just beautiful creatures. As well as dragonflies, actually.

After going for a little walk in the countryside today, my daughter found a butterfly that kept landing on her hand, as if her own pet. It was turquoise with a touch of brown. So it's a coincidence that I discover your lovely photos today.

Have a good day.

irene david said...

Butterflies is such a beautiful creature. I'm truly impress with their colorful wings and their metamorphosis. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos.

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