07 August 2012

cornfields, clouds & a tidy red barn

cornfield & clouds

more from the heartland

just passing through

And maybe a few rogue birds.

Linking up to Trisha over at Barn Charm.


TexWisGirl said...

ooh, ooh, OOOH!!! lovin' those massive clouds over the corn fields, but that farm is GORGEOUS! go, wisconsin, GO!!!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love, love those huge clouds. The barn is a beauty too. Even has a barn quilt!

Beth said...

those clouds are amazing!! wow! sure hope the corn out to be great for them. great view. love the red & white. (:

Rose said...

I like the barn but get more excited looking at that sky!

Mari said...

Beautiful barn, but that sky! Gorgeous!

Mark said...

Those clouds are AMAZING!!!

Buttons said...

What Tex said:) Awesome B

Anonymous said...

Fantabulous combo! The barn is gorgeous & it looks to be a working farm, too! Awesome!
That cloud looks pretty dog-gone cool, too

Thank you for joining =)

Emm in London said...

Oh, I just love these photos! Each one is so beautiful, it makes me want to get out into the country this very minute!!

By the way, I think Blogger's spam filter is eating up my comments - they keep disappearing!

Pierre BOYER said...

Fantastic clouds !
Best regards from Paris...


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