08 July 2012

scenes from a scene

luke and cub

luke and tria

mini amp/mini alcohol

cub shotgunning it
 Cub, shotgunning a PBR

Eldest son had a birthday on Thursday. So, yesterday we had about twenty people over for a potluck. "Pot-Luke-tacular" as it was called. We supplied the brats and burgers and everyone else supplied all the sided. And I've got to say, we know some damn good cooks! They were kind enough to leave us with leftovers too! (I love you all...)

The weather cooled off too so we had only 92┬║ to deal with. It's all perspective, isn't it?

There are some photos still in the camera but I haven't had the chance to look at them. The iphone was brought out sort of late in the game, but it takes all of twenty seconds to upload pix, so that's what I'm sharing.

I'm lazy like that.

Actually, I spent about six hours today getting a jump on homework, so no, not lazy. Prioritizing.


TexWisGirl said...

happy birthday, luke! hello, cub and tria!

TexWisGirl said...

i'm assuming that's tria?!

bon bon said...

yup! we celebrated on your behalf too. ;o)

missing moments said...

Oh, looks like good times by all!

Buttons said...

Looks like a fun time. Happy Birthday but I am sure it was :) B

Nancy Claeys said...

Happy birthday, son of bon bon! :) It's cooled down considerably here, only 86 today. I had to put on a sweater. :)

Terri Buster said...

Happy Birthday to eldest son- looks like all had a fun time!

Helene said...

Love birthdays, love leftovers! Lucky you!

tinajo said...

Happy birthday to him - and I really like the feeling in these pics! :-)

Angela Acosta said...

Sounds like my kind of party!

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