01 July 2012

no appropriate title can possibly bring the amish and lions together

amish men

amish women

At the rate I'm going here, you're going to be looking at zoo photos until November... 

I can't give you any reason as to why these Amish folks were lined up along the side of the road. I think they were just waiting for the zoo to open and watching the dragon boat races from a distance. But I liked that they were standing in front of a "farm."

lioness memorial at the zoo

lioness memorial at the zoo

lioness memorial at the zoo

lioness memorial at the zoo

Inside the zoo, our first stop was the lion exhibit. I had read that the lioness, Vilas, had died of cancer a week prior, but I was not prepared for the memorial on display. As you can see, children filled the glass wall with notes saying their goodbyes. It was a sad and touching tribute. The last capture is an iphone shot since I was too lazy to switch lenses. According to their facebook page, they've since taken the notes down, so I'm glad we hit the zoo when we did.


TexWisGirl said...

Amish and lions. Sounds biblical.

Working on cell svc today as no internet. Finally got your page to load. So spoiled...

Leontien said...

ohhh that almost makes me cry.... how sweet!

Big hugs

Buttons said...

Oh that is something else. Love the Amish photos but the memorial to the lion blew me away. Children are amazing. B

Debbie said...

you're right, there was no title to connect them!!

the first 2 images, WoW!! they are so interesting!!

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

The tribute is very touching. I like the composition of the Amish women, some of them look quite worried.

Terri Buster said...

Children have such tender hearts- lovely tribute to their zoo animal.
Cool pics of the guys lined up in front of that little pond.

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