25 July 2012

time to get arty



Before landing a corporate job and in turn, throwing all creative endeavors out the window, I actually did stuff other than photography. Hubster and I peddled our wares at local art fairs back in the last century (...um, millennium). This summer I had to supply a portfolio to the UW-Madison art department, so I got around to digging out some pieces to photograph them.

This is some work I created in polymer clay. The masks are done using the millefiori technique. Here's a pretty good video showing how it's done. I've got about 40 hours in to each mask.

The puppets have polymer molded heads and paws and were then attached to wooden dowels. I drilled little holes and stitched pieces together for joints, then sewed them some little cotton batting-filled outfits. Each puppet can be removed from its base for "performance".  ;o)

Did these pieces sell? No, because I still own them. I don't believe people understood the work involved here. Polymer was pretty new back then and almost everyone who looked at our stuff asked if we painted them. We ended up creating a little demo storyboard of the technique since we were asked so often. We did end up selling a lot of pins, magnets, picture frames and such. Enough small stuff to allow us to pay our booth costs. Not enough for me to turn down a corporate job.

I'm kind of excited about the prospect of losing six hours in a day because I'm hunched over some art project again. Only now, my back and eyes may think differently.


TexWisGirl said...

i remember some of your little jewelry pieces. i REALLY like that tree and the masks are cool, too.

my eyes are showing their age, for sure.

Buttons said...

Oh Kandy you are indeed a very talented girl. These are fantastic and as always your photos are great.B

Helene said...

Very artsy...I love that b&w mask!

Terri Buster said...

Very cool artsy stuff- sigh, I wish I had the talent!

Angela Acosta said...

Wow. Great puppets. Ahh, the corporate job, how I can relate.

Nancy Claeys said...

At least you are still doing what you love to do and fortunately, you are good at it! xo

Emm in London said...

Wow, those masks are pretty impressive. I can certainly expect the work that might go into them!

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