14 July 2012

dick dale

dick dale

dick dale

dick dale

dick dale

dick dale

dick dale

The hubs and I went to see Dick Dale in concert Wednesday. He blew the doors off the dump! (Just kidding, High Noon Saloon. You are not a dump.) Dick is now 75 years old and he plays guitar as effortlessly as I butter toast. (I'm thinking of selling tickets to see that, btw.) It delights me that we are far from the oldest people in the audience at a Dick Dale concert. The fans there ranged from 14 to 80, and hubster said the smiles that swept over their faces when be began with his opening licks is a sight in itself. I hadn't noticed.

I mentioned in class earlier that day, that I was going to see him.
Student 1: "Dick Dale. Is he country?"
Me: "No. He's the king of surf guitar."
Student 2: "Oh, he's from Sponge Bob!"
Me: "God help us..."

This final capture is a scan from a film shot I took in 1995, the first time we saw him. And if you'd like to add a smile to your own face, I found this video of the song he ends his show with:

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TexWisGirl said...

um, yeah. had never heard of him before. had no idea what surf guitar was. but when i played the vid, oh THAT'S surf guitar! of course! :)

bon bon said...

oh, i apologize for inadvertently teasing! i should know by now that i'm the weirdo who follows the beat of a different drummer.

or guitarist.

Kim Stevens said...

Oh you got some really great shots here, the Black and white is by far my favorite. You captured so much emotion in these.

Koryn said...

Oh wow, cool film shot! I'm a music junkie myself, and I find it nice that most good music transcends generations.

Nancy Claeys said...

Fantastic captures. I'm loathe to admit I didn't know him either -- but now I do! :)

Thanks for sharing at YSB this week. xo

Anonymous said...

Great concert shots!

Helene said...

Great shot...wonderful colors and fabulous angles. Good job!

Terri Buster said...

Great shots- he is still the same in many ways..

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