08 June 2012

i could get used to this

i could get used to this

Kensi finds a patch of sun. And yes, she always sits this way. Such a goof.

Meanwhile, Max had three teeth extracted today. He had already had seven teeth pulled just before we got him. There can't be too many left in there! Poor little man.

But he showed little effect by dinner time. I moistened it and added some chicken (which I always do) and he scarfed it down.

I hope this does something for his halitosis. Whew!!


TexWisGirl said...

poor old fellow max!

but kensi is such a mope! goof is right!

Buttons said...

Oh toothless that is too bad can you get dentures for a dog?:) B

rainfield61 said...

But what I see is a sad face.

I still wish him a happy Sunday, and his Sunday Best.

Nancy Claeys said...

Poor Max! Do they make doggie dentures? :)

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