09 June 2012

hannah loves puddles

We were not terribly close.

We were past co-workers and facebook friends. She was never without a smile or a giggle.

Each time she reentered the hospital I wished her well. She was born with a heart defect and if I remember correctly, she was just a toddler the first time they open up her chest. I think they replaced a valve at that time. She had a small frame, but her ribs were wide due to them being split open on occasion.

She lost her own mother to breast cancer when she was young.

She could not have children, so dear friends of hers simply offered to become pregnant and "give" her and her husband a child. When she spoke about her husband and daughter, the love was palpable. I never heard her speak of her own mortality, and after I was laid off, we never said more then "hello" and "I hope you're doing well." I suppose I just expected her to continue on another 38 years in and out of hospitals. How stupid of me.

Now I'm mourning the loss of someone I wasn't even that close too. A young man who adored her and worked long hours trying to keep up with bills. A beautiful daughter now reliving what her mother went through. My heart is simply breaking for them.

Rest in peace, sweet, funny Audra.


TexWisGirl said...

aww. i am sorry for your pain, and the loss for her family. she had a sweet smile.

Buttons said...

Oh I am so sorry for your pain and the terrible loss. My condolences to her family. HUGS B

Helene said...

I can totally relate to your sorrow. Having lost 8 family members over the last 7 years, I know all too well those words...could of, should of, would of. Some were close and some not so close and one not-so-close took me almost a year to come to grips with. I will be 60 next month and my mom just turned 96 so I relate my life span to her age...it goes my in the blink of an eye. Peace and hugs!

Nancy Claeys said...

So sad -- I'm sorry about your friend. xoxo

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