05 June 2012

an evening of meat, fire and alcohol

joel built this cottage, and lived there before building the house.
no plumbing or electricity. it's a bit overgrown these days.

the girls took a walk to the cottage while the men grilled

a view back towards the house. corn about 5" tall.

k, l, & hubster, talking smack

where we put the bodies
where we put the bodies

hubs (marshmallow in hand), j & d

self-portrait with bonfire
self-portrait with bonfire

keife behind the lens
me, with k behind the lens.

A cozy evening with old friends, good foods and plenty of nonsense.

In case you're wondering, that object in the middle is a wood-fired kiln. Another of Joel's hand-made creations. This would be a good time to put in a plug for an event where you can find Joel this weekend! The Cambridge Pottery Festival, about 30 minutes east of Madison, Wisconsin. Joel himself is a potter (and geologist) but has begun a pretty successful business selling decorative custom-made stamps to use in clay. If you click the "Artists," he's the only one with a website. Oddly. I guess potters have better things to do than check their websites. If you do go, and meet up with Joel, tell him phantom kitty sent you and she said there would be free snacks. Make a scene if he doesn't oblige. Report back to me on now things went.


TexWisGirl said...

you're too funny. i'm sure he'll appreciate the plug.

you said it was an evening of meat, fire and alcohol. don't forget your 'leftover' cupcakes! :)

Koryn said...


You have a very cozy home there! I wish we could hold bonfires like that in our backyard too! :)

LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

What a relaxing evening!! And I love the footsie / self portrait ;)

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