20 June 2012

baby in a bottle

baby in a bottle

baby in a bottle b/w

Here's my life right now:

Wake up around 8. Let dogs out.
Spend mornings in Spanish class.
Race home and grab a bite for lunch. Let dogs out.
Afternoons: Freelance until 5 or 6. Then get supper started. (Let dogs out.)
After supper: Study Spanish until 11 or 12.
Let dogs out.

Throw in some household chores now and then, take a few photos on the weekend or iphone captures on the fly.

Stir until dead.


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! you go, girl!!!

and those photos are sorta creepy, but you knew that!

Helene said...

I'm LMAO over these photos. You're not related to Stephen King are you? LOL PS...Don't forget to let the dogs out!

Buttons said...

You crack me up cool yet creepy pic I think I like it. This sounds like harder work than haying. :) B

Angela Acosta said...

ditto creepy.

jMo said...

Dang woman, that's some creepy arse stuff. Hey, if you lived closer, I'd let the beasts out for you.

Terri Buster said...

I think you need to stir some ba-wowza in there somewhere! I agree with others- that is one freaky doll.

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