23 June 2012

a day at the races

dragon boat races 1

dragon boat races 2

dragon boat races 3

dragon boat races 4

dragon boat races 5

dragon boat races 6

dragon boat races 7

dragon boat races 8

a day at the races

Hubster and I got up early this morning to go into Madison to watch the dragon boat races. The action was a little far away so all photos worth posting were closer to the shore. And apparently vertical. I messed with the one image in photoshop. I got CS6 a couple weeks ago, so I was checking out some new filters. The last shot is an iphone capture.

Lake Wingra, where the races were, butts up to the zoo, so you can guess what my next set of photos will be. ;o)

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 Hooking up with

20 June 2012

baby in a bottle

baby in a bottle

baby in a bottle b/w

Here's my life right now:

Wake up around 8. Let dogs out.
Spend mornings in Spanish class.
Race home and grab a bite for lunch. Let dogs out.
Afternoons: Freelance until 5 or 6. Then get supper started. (Let dogs out.)
After supper: Study Spanish until 11 or 12.
Let dogs out.

Throw in some household chores now and then, take a few photos on the weekend or iphone captures on the fly.

Stir until dead.

15 June 2012

and now for something completely different (and unrelated)

i save the empties...

I save the empties. Someday I'm gonna fill a wall with them. Or something. I don't know...

I'm not right, in case you haven't figured that out yet.

silver fox and big red

Meanwhile, hubster bids adieu to another season of Mad Men via his sketchbook. Oh Roger, you irresistible scoundrel you.

10 June 2012

it's quite possible dragonflies are sexist

dragonfly 1

Last week when TLC and I were out shooting, I captured this dragonfly in flight. Not terribly impressive. The stupid thing wouldn't hold still. Darting this way and that. I counted myself lucky to get one of him in focus.

Then yesterday, my husband captures this:

dragonfly 2

dragonfly 3

What a show off! The thing just hung there in the air over the top of our car for ten seconds at a time AND he kept coming back! This was one vain dragonfly. I think G had on the 50mm lens so I cropped this quite a bit. The last image is full frame, including me, happily out of focus as I am not as eager to have my photo taken as said dragonfly.

Well, tomorrow is the "big day!" I begin a summer class in the morning, and landed a freelance position which will take up my afternoons. I'm pretty excited about getting to work from home. Plus it goes until September 1, and my full fall schedule begins September 4. It couldn't be more perfect. A friend who was laid off from the same place I was, recommend me and I'm grateful for it. I had figured I was going to be taking instructions on how to bag groceries from a 24 year old this summer. And let's face facts, I was whining about my back after walking around a park for two hours yesterday. Hey, I'm not proud.

09 June 2012

hannah loves puddles

We were not terribly close.

We were past co-workers and facebook friends. She was never without a smile or a giggle.

Each time she reentered the hospital I wished her well. She was born with a heart defect and if I remember correctly, she was just a toddler the first time they open up her chest. I think they replaced a valve at that time. She had a small frame, but her ribs were wide due to them being split open on occasion.

She lost her own mother to breast cancer when she was young.

She could not have children, so dear friends of hers simply offered to become pregnant and "give" her and her husband a child. When she spoke about her husband and daughter, the love was palpable. I never heard her speak of her own mortality, and after I was laid off, we never said more then "hello" and "I hope you're doing well." I suppose I just expected her to continue on another 38 years in and out of hospitals. How stupid of me.

Now I'm mourning the loss of someone I wasn't even that close too. A young man who adored her and worked long hours trying to keep up with bills. A beautiful daughter now reliving what her mother went through. My heart is simply breaking for them.

Rest in peace, sweet, funny Audra.

08 June 2012

i could get used to this

i could get used to this

Kensi finds a patch of sun. And yes, she always sits this way. Such a goof.

Meanwhile, Max had three teeth extracted today. He had already had seven teeth pulled just before we got him. There can't be too many left in there! Poor little man.

But he showed little effect by dinner time. I moistened it and added some chicken (which I always do) and he scarfed it down.

I hope this does something for his halitosis. Whew!!

05 June 2012

an evening of meat, fire and alcohol

joel built this cottage, and lived there before building the house.
no plumbing or electricity. it's a bit overgrown these days.

the girls took a walk to the cottage while the men grilled

a view back towards the house. corn about 5" tall.

k, l, & hubster, talking smack

where we put the bodies
where we put the bodies

hubs (marshmallow in hand), j & d

self-portrait with bonfire
self-portrait with bonfire

keife behind the lens
me, with k behind the lens.

A cozy evening with old friends, good foods and plenty of nonsense.

In case you're wondering, that object in the middle is a wood-fired kiln. Another of Joel's hand-made creations. This would be a good time to put in a plug for an event where you can find Joel this weekend! The Cambridge Pottery Festival, about 30 minutes east of Madison, Wisconsin. Joel himself is a potter (and geologist) but has begun a pretty successful business selling decorative custom-made stamps to use in clay. If you click the "Artists," he's the only one with a website. Oddly. I guess potters have better things to do than check their websites. If you do go, and meet up with Joel, tell him phantom kitty sent you and she said there would be free snacks. Make a scene if he doesn't oblige. Report back to me on now things went.

04 June 2012

dora and boots

dora the explorer cupcakes

dora the explorer cupcakes

I had a very busy weekend! And, I have myself to blame making these cupcakes for Oliver's birthday Saturday. I knew these would be time consuming, naturally. A trip to the store on Thursday, building the faces on Friday; then on Saturday morning, baking, adding the icing details and constructing them. I have to thank the hubster who made frosting for me while I was painting on their eyes and grins, because you need to "glue" these guys to the top of the cupcake. These were ready just in time for the party to start! I, however, hadn't showered or glued on my own face yet, so we were fashionably late to a three year old's party. But they were still in burger/brat mode when we arrived, so we were early as far as dessert is concerned.

I'm happy to say they were a big hit! With the bigger "kids," anyway. Ollie's dad said that he wouldn't eat Dora's face and probably would've appreciated these more if he were six. Well, God only knows what I'll be doing when Ollie turns six so I can't make any promises. They'll just have to pull out photos and say "Look! You must've been a good boy that year. What went wrong?" heh, heh.

Later that evening we grilled out with two other couples and I took along the extras. They were a hit there too. Especially considering Dora and Boots resemble one couple. L even calls K "monkey!" I believe it has something to do with his amount of back hair but happily, I cannot confirm. Such ridiculousness...

I'll share images of our bonfire from that night in the next post.

Happy monkey Monday, all!

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