17 May 2012

win this print!

I thought I'd (try to) share this link from hubby's facebook page where he's giving away this 8x10" canvas print of his work. It seems that fb used to allow you to just share an article but I'm not finding that anymore. So, you're gonna have to work a little harder and scroll down to find this image to enter the drawing. When you do, just comment! (Liking us while you're there, would be super cool too!) You have until midnight Friday to toss your hat into the ring!

Good luck!

There will be some competition at the store as well since Stoughton is celebrating Syttende Mai through the weekend! "What's that" you ask? Only the 2nd largest event celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day on Earth! And if hubby knows his place, he'll bring me home some lefse. I'm good with not having any lutefisk though...


TexWisGirl said...

oh, is that you? i know you used to collect elephants... how cute.

bon bon said...

thanks tex! it is. not sure if his selecting this print to give away has underlying meaning(?) but there's one still hanging in our home, so i think i'm still safe.

Buttons said...

Oh I like that. I will go and visit that site for sure. Art is definitely a family affair in your house.
Have fun celebrating. B

Nancy said...

I guess I didn't know your hubs did this kind of work. This is so cute!

Mo said...

Very sweet image.

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