21 May 2012

surrounding farmland


outside mount horeb

red barn

white barn- sooc
white barn—SOOC 
white barn- post
white barn—post-processing 

phlox (w/crazy curve)
phlox (w/crazy color curve)

You know, iphone shooting is just too fast and convenient. Shoot, upload to flickr by clicking a button, and you're done. Plus I actually like the way they look. I tend to use the Hipstamatic app over Instagram because you make your film and lens choices before you shoot. Instagram allows you to add them after the fact. Which means more farting around. And let's face, I fart around enough in photoshop when I'm using my Canon. See exhibits 1-7 above.

The top two images were taken Mother's Day. Luke and Tria live in Mount Horeb and had us over for brunch. (Mmm, waffles...) The area is full of gentle hills. Lots of Swiss and Norwegians immigrated here because it reminded them of their homeland. The closer you get to the Mississippi, the more beautiful it gets. We have the glaciers to thank.

We're a bit flatter in the center, and the soil is less rocky. More hay and corn, less sheep and, um, cliff diving. But not lacking in gorgeous views. These two barns and the ditches full of wild phlox were taken only a few minutes from our house. I was returning from town with my trunk full of flowers! All of which are planted now. So, there'll be plenty to share in the weeks ahead.

If I can bring myself to sit here and fart around.

Linking up to Barn Charm


TexWisGirl said...

i love all of these!!! you really need to link in to barn charm this afternoon!



TexWisGirl said...

p.s. that first shot is stellar!!!

and the 3rd reminded me just enough of the farm place i spent my first 13 yrs. on. *sigh*

bon bon said...

thanks, sweetie!
i always forget about barn charm. i'll go there now. :o)

Jeannelle said...

Nice Barn Charm shots and the phlox are gorgeous!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

All Great shots. I love the first one and the white barn with the purple phlox

missing moments said...

Love those barn shots ... my fave is that first one with the sheep. And phlox, well I just loves phlox! Great shots!

Tammy said...

beautiful scenes :) I love the sheep in the first, and that red barn is the perfect back drop for him.

Mari said...

Beautiful - I love them all! I don't think I can pick a favorite here.

Carletta said...

The sheep steals the show in the first shot! :)
Love the third shot of the red barn with its peeling paint - nice composition.
LOVELY images!!!

Elaine said...

Lovely series of shots! The white sheep up against the red barn with that old fence in the foreground--wonderful!

Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

Welcome to Barn Charm... TWG is a hoot & a half! =)

ohhh the barns are just gorgeous, but i'm always drawn to the ones w/ stone foundations! love it!

incredible views & love the rolling hills

i sure wish the ditches around here were that beautiful, altho, they wouldn't be for long cuz i'd pick it all! heheheee

Thank you for joining =)

Millie said...

These are all such lovely shots! I really like the first one with the sheep. Mine is here: http://shutterbuggbitten.wordpress.com

Angela Acosta said...

What wonderful scenery!

Helene said...

These photos make me want to move to a farm! Love them all!

Buttons said...

Oh I love these as you know I am partial to the country shots but that will change soon when I go to the city at the end of the month. You are so very talented I don't know how you do it but you do. Keep posting you make me smile. Hug B

Buttons said...

So I left a comment and apparently blogger did not like my tone so here goes again. AWESOME i love you talent and the theme is close to my heart. Take that blogger. If you get two comments blame blogger. Hugs B

Pamela Gordon said...

These are beautiful photos and gorgeous scenery. I love the first one with the sheep! Pamela

W. Latane Barton said...

Beautiful scenery. The sheep just makes the picture!!

Debbie said...

gorgeous barns and farms....so happy tex steered you in the direction of barn charm!! it was fate!!

i am a lil distracted by the beautiful fields of purple flowers!!

Charade said...

Okay, I must be tired. When you said you had a trunk full of flowers, I wondered to myself, "How many of those phlox did she pick that she had to put them in the trunk?" But now I get it. And I love those barns - so European. Glad you found Barn Charn.

Amy Burzese said...

That first shot is superb. The red and of course, the sheep, just make it.

Faye said...

Beautiful, beautiful countryside accented with those unusual barns. Glad you got a lot of photos--will look forward to more gems.

Terri Buster said...

Love that first shot- just something about the red barn stands out to me. All are beautiful shots tho!

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