28 May 2012

round(ish) barn

the silo sits in the middle

rock county, wi

round barn b/w

tool shed

One of our goals on our photo-drive was this octagonal barn. I'd driven by some time ago glancing up the driveway, shouting, "hey, that's a round barn!" to no one is particular, because I was alone in the car. When I got home, I did some googling and found this amazing site which lists not just Wisconsin's round barns, but all kinds round and octagonal buildings across the US! Although, I believe he's missing at least one I know of. ;o)

So, nearly two years after finding this place, TLC and I made the four mile trip (yeah, tell me about it) to take some shots. We hit the jackpot as the couple who live there were out in the yard tidying up from the storm the night before. Chris was happy to take a break and walk us around the barn.

The Gilley-tofsland Octagonal Barn is listed on the National Register and according to Chris was built in 1906. She and her husband rent the property from the owner who is now 92. I mentioned I'd probably put a little art studio up in that center dome, and she said that the silo sits in the middle of the barn. Pretty unique! I peeked inside but it was fairly dark and cluttered. Plus, we were at basement level and couldn't view any further up the silo. The outside was clearly more photogenic.

Chris also informed us that the Victorian house was once the location of the township of Stebbensville post office. She and her husband were doing a nice job of up-keeping the home and surrounding out buildings. The final capture is that of her husband's workshop. As with any of my photos, clicking them will take you to flickr where I put them on the map.

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Hope each of you is having a peaceful Memorial Day here in the states...

enemy located
mom and grampa, locating the enemy


Terri Buster said...

What a neat barn- love the sharp colors!

Charade said...

Very interesting. Love the old black & whites interspersed.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful barn -- and awesome that the occupants were so friendly and willing to share some history.

TexWisGirl said...

you crack me up, silly girl. yes, i want that barn. i think it would go well here at run*a*round...

Angela Acosta said...

An art studio is exactly what I'd put in that barn too.

Evelyn S. said...

When I posted my photo of the round barn in NE Oregon, someone commented that she used to live in SE Wisconsin, where there were many round barns....most of them built by the same man, a freed slave. Fascinating history. I do love the shape of this barn.

Helene said...

That barn is absolutely so cool!

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