05 May 2012

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Lushes LaMoan

Greetings all! Allow me to try and bring everyone (who cares) up to date on my crazy, hectic life.

I'm still snap-happy, just haven't found much time to edit or post these days. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking I've got Easter shots taken up north I'd like to share, and here I am about to go back up north this evening. Tomorrow, hubby and I are participating in an MS walk in Marshfield on behalf of my niece who suffers from it. I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job of hitting people up for donations, but I'll include a last minute link just in case you'd like to help out. Hopefully, I'll get some team photos to share.

The image above is of the lovely Lushes LaMoan, taken last month during a performance in Madison. Clicking the image will take you to more captures from that evening, but be warned that there are boobies and such. The stage was completely saturated in red light and I didn't use a flash, so the rest I processed in black & white. The girls comped hubby and me a VIP table for photos we've taken of them in the past. With a bottle of champagne! Woohoo! Thanks for a fun evening, ladies!

In other news? I've been accepted into UW-Madison this fall. This also meant I needed to put together a portfolio of art work (which meant shooting a bunch of stuff collecting dust in the spare bedroom), to try to win a $2,000 scholarship. And lo and behold, I got it! (Yay, me! ha!!) Considering I've been out of high school for quite some time now, it wasn't easy to whittle down a lifetime into 8-10 images. Not that I create art every day, but still. Imagine right now if someone asked you to show just one photo that represented your work. Kind of challenging.

I've got finals coming up in the next two weeks, so I'll still be a stranger here for a bit. Even when I don't comment on your blogs, I try to check in and catch up. Thanks to all of you for dropping by, and tolerating my sporadic nonsense. ;o)


TexWisGirl said...

oh my gosh! HUGE congratulations on winning the scholarship!!! SO VERY COOL!!! YOU ROCK, girlfriend!!! :)

LovesMusic said...

Quick question about one of your photos, we saw it and would like to ask about licensing it for our magazine. Could you drop us a line please?


Thank you!

---Alice H

Rag and Bone Magazine

Angela Acosta said...

wow. fantastic shot. good luck on your finals.

Nancy said...

So happy for you, K. xoxo

Buttons said...

Congratulations I am so excited for you you are truly a talented photographer and I am so happy that it does not go unnoticed. Love the shot. Good luck on the finals Yeah Yeah Yeah :0 B

missing moments said...

Wow! Congrats! How awesome!

Emm said...

Congrats on the scholarship! That must feel pretty good right now. I have a hard time picking one photo to cover an album of holiday pics, never mind represent a lifetime!

Tammy said...

I like this shot :) You capture them so well, I can see why they treat you so good.
Congratulations on the scholarship!!!

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