29 May 2012

for spacious skies

for spacious skies

yellow lab

josey greets us 

It's hard not to pull over when the barn is giving you "the look." Honestly, a barn like this one is a pretty common sight around this area, but the clouds sweetened the deal for me.

Once we got out of our car, their dog started barking. Even from a distance, we could make out that happy tail so we just kept shooting. I took a series of shots as she came to check us out, with these two as my favorites. I sat on the road while she circled allowing us to pet her while staying on the go. TLC managed to get a capture with her tag in it, and messaged me later saying "Her name is Josey!" :o)

But the hard part was getting her to stay! She wanted to go home with us! I ran along side of her, saying "come on, girl, let's go home!" and she followed me to the driveway. Then we had to tear out of there! She tried keeping pace for 20-30 yards, but I watched her slow to a stop in the rear view mirror. Thanks for the sweet meet and greet, Josey. The pleasure was ours...


TexWisGirl said...

you just tugged at my heart - twice! the red Wis barn and field, obviously. but then josey reminded me too much of marigold... *sigh*

BellaVida Letty said...

Fantastic great wide open spaces.

missing moments said...

Oh, love that photo of her in the field!

Terri Buster said...

Pretty barn, but that second photo is just fantastic!

Charade said...

Movies are made just because of shots like the one of Josey in the wide-open field. Love the pictures.

Mark said...

My first thought upon seeing the first photo was the Wizard of Oz. Don't know why.

Nancy said...

Loving the name Josey.

Amazing captures, K! :)

Evelyn S. said...

Fabulous landscape view!!!

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