23 May 2012

the boys are back in town

mr. bluebird

mr. oriole

mr. goldfinch

The shots of Mr. B and Mr. O were captured in my parents' backyard. Mr. O in particular, in a steady rain. I had to bump up the contrast because it looked like he was being viewed through a glass of skimmed milk. Mr. G was shot today in my own backyard! Yay! I have a bird feeder now!! lol Mr. G is my first visitor! First one I noticed anyway. Actually Mrs. G was there with him for my first shot but I had the camera on the wrong setting. She left before I could make the correction.

My next shot went a little something like this...

i'm audi


TexWisGirl said...

tee hee! let's hear it for the boys!

Charade said...

Mr. G looks a little chubby. Love the bird feeder. I've never seen one like that.

Angela Acosta said...

Note to self--must get a bird feeder. Lovely shots.

missing moments said...

Love your title! And yep, they are back and totally enjoying them! Great shots!

Helene said...

Love the shots and the feeder! Which reminds me....fill the feeder!

Tammy said...

Hooray! How sweet they are :)

Nancy said...

Great shots -- love the blue bird. We don't get them around here. :)

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