30 May 2012

in-laws home

one of six out-buildings
One of seven(?) outbuildings.

this way to the garden shed!
Some of our junk we have no room for, sits behind a shed. Our sign shop rents this out, but I kind of like the way it says "hey, check out this garden shed, everybody!" Not that this is visible from anywhere but the side yard.

cows are long gone
You'd think they'd have room for our crap in here! ha!!

more cooperative clouds

blue and white
Mom had horses when she was younger.

Small garage. Hubster and I were married on that spot, lower right. :o)


On our photo-drive Friday, TLC and I ended up at my in-laws' home in Milton. It's the childhood home of my mother-in-law, and she and dad are fortunate to have been able to keep and maintain it. The sad thing is, like many farms, it was once on the edge of town, but now it's dead center. When I met my husband 19-20 years ago now, it was already on a well-used road in town between the high school and the library, but there were still fields along the side and woods behind it. Now it's all suburbs. I'm not sure how many acres they have remaining. You can see in the first two shots, they kept enough foliage to have some privacy. Still, this whole progress thing is kind of sad.

I love that beautiful willow. Mom said it wasn't there when she was a child.

I guess time has some good factors too.

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29 May 2012

for spacious skies

for spacious skies

yellow lab

josey greets us 

It's hard not to pull over when the barn is giving you "the look." Honestly, a barn like this one is a pretty common sight around this area, but the clouds sweetened the deal for me.

Once we got out of our car, their dog started barking. Even from a distance, we could make out that happy tail so we just kept shooting. I took a series of shots as she came to check us out, with these two as my favorites. I sat on the road while she circled allowing us to pet her while staying on the go. TLC managed to get a capture with her tag in it, and messaged me later saying "Her name is Josey!" :o)

But the hard part was getting her to stay! She wanted to go home with us! I ran along side of her, saying "come on, girl, let's go home!" and she followed me to the driveway. Then we had to tear out of there! She tried keeping pace for 20-30 yards, but I watched her slow to a stop in the rear view mirror. Thanks for the sweet meet and greet, Josey. The pleasure was ours...

28 May 2012

round(ish) barn

the silo sits in the middle

rock county, wi

round barn b/w

tool shed

One of our goals on our photo-drive was this octagonal barn. I'd driven by some time ago glancing up the driveway, shouting, "hey, that's a round barn!" to no one is particular, because I was alone in the car. When I got home, I did some googling and found this amazing site which lists not just Wisconsin's round barns, but all kinds round and octagonal buildings across the US! Although, I believe he's missing at least one I know of. ;o)

So, nearly two years after finding this place, TLC and I made the four mile trip (yeah, tell me about it) to take some shots. We hit the jackpot as the couple who live there were out in the yard tidying up from the storm the night before. Chris was happy to take a break and walk us around the barn.

The Gilley-tofsland Octagonal Barn is listed on the National Register and according to Chris was built in 1906. She and her husband rent the property from the owner who is now 92. I mentioned I'd probably put a little art studio up in that center dome, and she said that the silo sits in the middle of the barn. Pretty unique! I peeked inside but it was fairly dark and cluttered. Plus, we were at basement level and couldn't view any further up the silo. The outside was clearly more photogenic.

Chris also informed us that the Victorian house was once the location of the township of Stebbensville post office. She and her husband were doing a nice job of up-keeping the home and surrounding out buildings. The final capture is that of her husband's workshop. As with any of my photos, clicking them will take you to flickr where I put them on the map.

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Hope each of you is having a peaceful Memorial Day here in the states...

enemy located
mom and grampa, locating the enemy

27 May 2012

red shed ahead

on the back roads

red shed

I tried to get my last post in before midnight, but was unsuccessful, so you're getting a double post today. Like it or not. ha!

On Friday, my pal, TLC and I decided a photo-walk was in order! Or, a photo-drive in this case, as I had been wanting to head just a few miles down the road to capture one of our county's remaining round barns. I'll share those in a day or so, but I'll keep the shots in order of how they were taken, as this little gem of a shed by a twist in the road was begging to be photographed along the way. With our evening rains, the daytime clouds could not have been more gorgeous.


I was about to shoot TLC just being a photographer when she turned and gave me this look. She didn't know I had the camera focused on her, and I don't recall why she gave me the "meh" look, but we both got a laugh out of it.

Although, there's never any shortage of laughs between the two of us. xo...

after the rain

peony pug butt and peony 

We got some well-needed rain the last two nights. It did take out our peonies during their prime, but currently, we need rain more than we need upright peonies.

23 May 2012

the boys are back in town

mr. bluebird

mr. oriole

mr. goldfinch

The shots of Mr. B and Mr. O were captured in my parents' backyard. Mr. O in particular, in a steady rain. I had to bump up the contrast because it looked like he was being viewed through a glass of skimmed milk. Mr. G was shot today in my own backyard! Yay! I have a bird feeder now!! lol Mr. G is my first visitor! First one I noticed anyway. Actually Mrs. G was there with him for my first shot but I had the camera on the wrong setting. She left before I could make the correction.

My next shot went a little something like this...

i'm audi

21 May 2012

surrounding farmland


outside mount horeb

red barn

white barn- sooc
white barn—SOOC 
white barn- post
white barn—post-processing 

phlox (w/crazy curve)
phlox (w/crazy color curve)

You know, iphone shooting is just too fast and convenient. Shoot, upload to flickr by clicking a button, and you're done. Plus I actually like the way they look. I tend to use the Hipstamatic app over Instagram because you make your film and lens choices before you shoot. Instagram allows you to add them after the fact. Which means more farting around. And let's face, I fart around enough in photoshop when I'm using my Canon. See exhibits 1-7 above.

The top two images were taken Mother's Day. Luke and Tria live in Mount Horeb and had us over for brunch. (Mmm, waffles...) The area is full of gentle hills. Lots of Swiss and Norwegians immigrated here because it reminded them of their homeland. The closer you get to the Mississippi, the more beautiful it gets. We have the glaciers to thank.

We're a bit flatter in the center, and the soil is less rocky. More hay and corn, less sheep and, um, cliff diving. But not lacking in gorgeous views. These two barns and the ditches full of wild phlox were taken only a few minutes from our house. I was returning from town with my trunk full of flowers! All of which are planted now. So, there'll be plenty to share in the weeks ahead.

If I can bring myself to sit here and fart around.

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17 May 2012

win this print!

I thought I'd (try to) share this link from hubby's facebook page where he's giving away this 8x10" canvas print of his work. It seems that fb used to allow you to just share an article but I'm not finding that anymore. So, you're gonna have to work a little harder and scroll down to find this image to enter the drawing. When you do, just comment! (Liking us while you're there, would be super cool too!) You have until midnight Friday to toss your hat into the ring!

Good luck!

There will be some competition at the store as well since Stoughton is celebrating Syttende Mai through the weekend! "What's that" you ask? Only the 2nd largest event celebrating Norwegian Constitution Day on Earth! And if hubby knows his place, he'll bring me home some lefse. I'm good with not having any lutefisk though...

05 May 2012

meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Lushes LaMoan

Greetings all! Allow me to try and bring everyone (who cares) up to date on my crazy, hectic life.

I'm still snap-happy, just haven't found much time to edit or post these days. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking I've got Easter shots taken up north I'd like to share, and here I am about to go back up north this evening. Tomorrow, hubby and I are participating in an MS walk in Marshfield on behalf of my niece who suffers from it. I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job of hitting people up for donations, but I'll include a last minute link just in case you'd like to help out. Hopefully, I'll get some team photos to share.

The image above is of the lovely Lushes LaMoan, taken last month during a performance in Madison. Clicking the image will take you to more captures from that evening, but be warned that there are boobies and such. The stage was completely saturated in red light and I didn't use a flash, so the rest I processed in black & white. The girls comped hubby and me a VIP table for photos we've taken of them in the past. With a bottle of champagne! Woohoo! Thanks for a fun evening, ladies!

In other news? I've been accepted into UW-Madison this fall. This also meant I needed to put together a portfolio of art work (which meant shooting a bunch of stuff collecting dust in the spare bedroom), to try to win a $2,000 scholarship. And lo and behold, I got it! (Yay, me! ha!!) Considering I've been out of high school for quite some time now, it wasn't easy to whittle down a lifetime into 8-10 images. Not that I create art every day, but still. Imagine right now if someone asked you to show just one photo that represented your work. Kind of challenging.

I've got finals coming up in the next two weeks, so I'll still be a stranger here for a bit. Even when I don't comment on your blogs, I try to check in and catch up. Thanks to all of you for dropping by, and tolerating my sporadic nonsense. ;o)

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