09 April 2012

hanging with some buds



library mall


red gym

Random mobile captures from the past week. It's really windy today and suppose to freeze tonight. I hope these beauties survive unscathed. My Dad plans to place his warm grill beneath his largest apple tree tonight in an attempt to save the buds. He has about a dozen apple trees though, so I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve for the rest. They live 2.5 hours north so maybe most just aren't open enough to worry about. Either way, fingers crossed we'll still be seeing pie come autumn.


TexWisGirl said...

love the 2nd shot!!! my my!

sorry about the freeze! guess it's not really a late one - everything else is just too early!

Angela Acosta said...

That's the thing about an early Spring...there is always a bit of a tease. Let's hope for the best.

Nancy Claeys said...

These are gorgeous. Supposed to get frost here too -- we'll see what happens! :)

helen said...

They look like very nice hipstamatic images.

Emm said...

What a lovely post! I can't decide which photo I like the best. What troubling news about the freeze - did the trees survive?

Leontien said...

Oh i love me some buds!!! My gosh im glad spring is here!

I hope you are doing good!?
Big hugs

Buttons said...

Hope your Dads trick worked oooohhhh apple pie.
Your shots are beautiful. B

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