21 March 2012

birthday girl!

birthday girl!

Impeccable dental hygiene? Or the fact that, like most seven-year-olds, Kensi will put something in her mouth even after it's been on the ground? The debate continues...

Happy birthday, goofball!

18 March 2012

though it's not yet offically spring, don't tell these guys

a redhead on st. patrick's day
i saw this redhead on st. patrick's day belting out a tune...

enough photos
but he wasn't too keen on having his photo taken

bee and crocus
the usual spring cast of characters were out too

out on a limb
some almost too tiny to notice

Hope you're all enjoying equally beautiful weather!

16 March 2012

cartier-bresson copy


stair detail

As promised to TexWisGirl, I said I'd post the illustration I did for my design class. We had to work off a black and white photo and recreate it in pencil/ink/wash. I had some complications with the left side as my illustration board as it wasn't taking a wash like it had on the stairs to the right, so I ended up doing more of that side in pencil. Lesson? Don't use old board that was sitting in the cupboard for five years.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The instructor was impressed anyway.

Click here to see the original work by Henri Cartier-Bresson that I worked off of.

Now, I don't draw enough (or have enough followers) to give drawings away, but Tex does, and her work is fab! Head over to her March giveaway to win one of her beautiful color pencil nature pieces!

...or wait until next month, because I'm sure to win the cardinal this month. ;o)

15 March 2012

sappin' season II: revenge of the maples


au naturale

still early yet
dad looking as happy as a clam

the soft maples are budding
the soft maples are budding

max liked the swing by the creek
max liked the swing by the creek "careful buddy, there's a bear behind you!"

"too far, kensi! turn around!"
"too far, kensi! turn around!"

"ok! i'm coming..."
"ok! i'm coming...!"

liquid gold
liquid gold

How did it get to be Thursday already?

Scratch that...How did it get to be the middle of March already?! Sapping season came and went faster then you could say "waffles!" Dad called Saturday to say he was tapping trees and would be cooking Sunday, but I was coming down off a two-day migraine and wasn't sure I wanted to take the trip up there. But, by Sunday, a quiet day in the woods felt like just the ticket. See the rest of the shots here if you like.

This week, we are seeing temps in the 70ºs in southern Wisconsin. We slept with all the windows open last night! It's bonkers! I can't rake all of winter's refuse off my crocus, tulips and daffodils fast enough. And not to be a Debbie Downer but we just got five inches of snow ten days ago, so who says that crap is done with?

Meanwhile, the pugs are sitting by the windows, panting. Already too hot for those little, black turds.

Hmm, this seems like a fitting post for Nancy's Rural Thursday.  :o)

02 March 2012



A friend on flickr commented on this shot, "eeeee eeeee eeeee..."

Which cracked me up.

01 March 2012

leap day commute

leap day commute 1

leap day commute 2

A gorgeous sky on the way into Madison yesterday. Sun shinning with storm clouds ahead...

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