22 February 2012

hi friends!

Sorry I'm being such a poop. I have plenty of images to share but have been incredibly busy, and I had to spend half of last weekend cleaning photos off my laptop just so I could get homework done. That's never fun.

Meanwhile, I came across this cool website (via a flickr bud) that I thought some of you might enjoy taking part in! It's call the burning house and you're asked to submit a photo and list of the items you would grab if your house was burning. Not the most pleasant of thoughts, but hey, a fun afternoon photo project, right?

We received a sure sign that spring is here in small-town Wisconsin today! A robin? Nope. Our local A&W is open for the season! woohoo!!!

Hope everyone is staying cool/warm, dry/moist, busy/relaxed! Peace, babies.


TexWisGirl said...

LOL! i remember the A&W opening in Marshburg was big deal! ha!

Helene said...

Yep, spring is definitely around the corner. On the way home from work I noticed the sign at the ice cream drive-in on the highway noting they would be opening on 2/27 and then, in the mail, was the bill from the landscape people who cut the grass. Yep, any day now!

Dawn said...

A&W closes for the season?:0
Spring is seeming to come fast to your parts....:)
Have super day!

Angela Acosta said...


Buttons said...

AW wow. I miss you but I know you are busy my girl keep up the good work.We never left spring I think here.I am wondering what happened to winter. Canadian winters have taken on a whole new meaning. B

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